Why should organic jute bags be the first plastic bag alternative your business chooses

As the war on plastic rages on, many more businesses are now (thankfully) turning to plastic bag alternatives as a means of providing customers with something to carry their new purchases home with.

 Plastic bag causes a lot of pollution both in terms of the plastic they leave in the oceans and the greenhouse gases that they put in the air. However, switching from plastic to reusable bags is not an easy choice as it at first seems. There are lots of different options on the market and here we will show you why organic jute bags may be the perfect option for your business.

  • Organic jute bags are the most durable reusable bag on the market

The durability of a bag is important as it will go part way to determining how much it can carry. This is the department where greener options like paper bags often fail. Organic jute bags, however, are some of the most durable options on the market. The stiffness and high fibre strengths make carrying large heavy items a doddle.

  • Organic jute has a natural feel other reusable bags do not

If you are trying to market your company as eco-friendly and natural, getting the right products for your store is essential. And there are few better ways of conveying this message than through an organic jute bag. The material has a much more natural feel than paper or cotton and this makes them very popular with consumers.

  • It is cost-effective to produce organic jute bags at scale

Financial factors also play a big role in determining which reusable bag you go for. Due to their relatively low production costs, organic jute bags are very economical to produce at scale. This makes them popular in the UK and a popular export for trading nations; which leads us nicely onto point number 4.

  • Buying organic jute means supporting industry in developing nations

Having an ethical and traceable supply chain is becoming more important for businesses as consumers become more aware of where their products are coming from. The majority of the world’s jute is produced in Asian countries like India and Bangladesh. If you buy organic jute that is fair trade and traceable, it gives you another tool to use in your marketing. It also helps you become more ethical as a company.

A good supplier puts a lot of creative control in your hands

The reasons listed above are all great reasons why your business should consider organic jute bags as a plastic alternative in your stores. In addition to their physical benefits, many top bag suppliers are now offering them as part of their printing business. If you go with a printer experienced in printing on jute, you can have a lot of creative control over the final design. This is great if you have a very specific end design in mind for your organic jute bags.