What size teak garden table should I buy?

When you are buying some new furniture for your garden you will want to make sure that it looks the part but also fits nicely in the garden. When you are buying teak garden furniture this is very important as you are making a big investment in a premium product.

When creating a seating area in your garden you will also want to add a table for meals and drinks; teak can make a great timber for this as not only does it look good but it is also very durable. In today’s blog, we take a look at what size teak garden table you should buy and where you should put it.

  1. Side tables are great for smaller gardens

If you live in a smaller house with a more modest garden you will want to get teak furniture that is both quality, whilst also letting you make the most of your space. Teak side tables are good as they give you and your guests somewhere to put their drinks when having a party without taking too much room. These types of teak garden tables are also good for positioning towards the edge of the garden, giving you plenty more room for other items.

  1. Large teak tables are perfect for large patios

Teak tables come in a wide variety of different sizes including full large dining sets. These can make the perfect statement piece of the garden and are the best size table to get if you have a large patio that can be taken advantage of. If you do buy a larger table make sure you get the best corresponding teak garden chairs to complete the overall set.

  1. Teak coffee tables can work well for conservatories

Teak coffee tables whilst not specifically an outdoor item can work very well for conservatories; particularly if you have a hybrid conservatory that lets you take advantage of both the outside and inside. They are handy and can give you a place to put items such as nibbles and drinks.

In addition to their use inside during the warmer months, they can also be used more outside without too big a risk of them becoming overly damaged by the weather. This is another reason why they are very popular in homes with both generous gardens and large conservatories.

Make sure you have the space for the best possible teak garden table

There are plenty of different types of teak garden furniture that you can look into buying and whilst they all come at different price points they also all offer different benefits to your garden. Hopefully, we have provided you with a bit more information on how you can determine which size teak garden table is best for your needs. No matter what item you purchase make sure that you buy the best quality products made from the most durable timber; this will stop you from having to buy replacements in the too near future.