What are the Added Benefits of Booking a Serviced Apartment?

Whenever you’re looking to visit the beautiful city of Bristol, you have two main options for accommodations: Serviced apartments and hotels.

So, which one is better? Hotels have been around for as long as anyone can remember, and they’ve worked fairly well. What does a serviced apartment have to offer that surpasses the hotel experience?

As it turns out, there are quite a few added benefits to booking a serviced apartment.


Space is one of the biggest added benefits. With most traditional forms of accommodation, you’re limited to one or two partial rooms that try to jam several different functions into one space. This creates a cramped, uncomfortable atmosphere.

However, a serviced apartment is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an apartment; along with all the space and home-like comfort an apartment provides.

Full Furnishings

You also get everything you’d expect in a home in a serviced apartment. The living area is fully furnished with couches, chairs, entertainment, end tables, and more. The kitchen has a stove, oven, refrigerator, and everything else you expect. More impressively, the bedrooms are private; just like at home.

You also get all the little things such as towels, plates, silverware, and other consumables you need daily.

Optional Services

The “serviced” part of serviced apartments is mostly optional. If you’re not comfortable with a housekeeper coming frequently, or you don’t need a secured parking spot reservation, you don’t have to pay for those things. You’re more than welcome to simply rent the space and live as you normally would.

Traditional options typically push these services on you whether you want them or not. Think of the last time you stayed at a hotel. How many times did a housekeeper interrupt you mid-nap to come to pick up a mess you weren’t worried about?


Hotels typically have some staff members walking around regularly, and the lobby is almost always manned by a receptionist. Airbnb and other lower-level options typically don’t have much more than locks on the doors.

Those are usually more than enough, but they’re not as secure as they could be.

Serviced apartments employ security personnel and use the highest-quality security technology to ensure you’re safe during your stay.

Centralized Locations

Serviced apartments aren’t located in the middle of anywhere; forcing you to travel hours to see anything worthwhile. They’re right next to the action. Many serviced apartments Bristol has are located in the heart of the city to give you immediate access to some of the most sought-after services and attractions in the area.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a city environment. You can find plenty of great accommodations right outside the city for a quieter, more at-home sort of experience. Better yet, you still won’t be too far from the action.

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