A Few Unfortunate Connections Inside the Music Industry

Within the music industry, there are certain aspects of the culture that seem to permeate the fringes (or even sometimes the middle) with a fair degree of consistency. And not all of the aspects are positive. In fact, it can seem in some instances that the unfortunate connections are the ones that tend to be the most remembered.

Consider the topics of substance abuse, addiction, egocentric lifestyles, poor financial planning, and what can seem to be arbitrary rises and falls of people with some talent. How many of those ideas seem to be handcuffed to the concept of the music industry? Yep, that’s right – all of them.

Substance Abuse

Inside the moniker of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, there are the substances that can be abused. And how many famous musicians do you know that have had to go through substance abuse treatment of some sort? Once again, you’re going to run into a pretty high percentage. The exact reasoning behind this connection won’t lead you to a direct correlation, but the idea of highly creative people in stressful environments with a lot of money to spare – well, that will move your mind along quite nicely.


And right behind that idea of substance abuse, you run into full-blown addiction. When those substances become a required compulsion, either to continue being a member of a band or to act normal socially, that’s when you’ve got a problem. A quick scan of the news can give you insight into the many thousands of music industry folks who’ve had to check themselves into rehab during the course of their careers.

Egocentric Lifestyles

When celebrity hits musicians, a few things can happen that are unfortunate, and one specifically is that they become a diva of sorts, and suddenly seem to live at the center of their universe. A classic example is the behavior of Justin Bieber, who because one of the most reviled musicians in the world, a bit because of his antics.

Poor Financial Planning

Musicians are famous for their poor financial planning as well. Because it’s an industry that doesn’t quite so much depend on salary rates, or things like health insurance and job security, you’ll find that lots of musicians go through ebbs and flows in their financial journeys, and later in life can be particularly tough on them.

Arbitrary Rising and Falling Stars

And finally, the life of the musician is one of huge highs and awful lows, with a bunch of train wrecks caught in the middle. Because of the volatility of music as a profession, especially after a certain degree of fame is hit, it can be very difficult to a music to remain balanced and centered in terms of general life practices.

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