Tips to lighten up your room



Dark, gloomy rooms that look like they have no space are no joy. But using clever tricks, you can bring them back to life, as this guide by Lamp Commerce highlights how to liven up your room.

These simple tweaks won’t cost you a fortune either. To start with, dispose of anything in the room that you don’t need and leave only your favorite items.

A cluttered room looks crammed and dingy. Freeing up space will allow more light to be bathe whole surfaces creating an illusion of ‘ more light’.

Next, get on with the following tricks to brighten your house.

1. Paint it in the right color
Choose warm neutral colors like pale caramel or pinky dove grey. You may be tempted to use white but in the dull winter light, it will make the room look cold. You want a color that will make your room feel cozy all seasons.
For the ceiling, use paint that is lighter than that of the walls. This will make the ceiling seem to be higher creating a more spacious feeling. To make the paint lighter, add some white emulsion. It will save the cost of having to buy a different can of paint. Make sure that you are using a heightened work platform or a scissor lift (look at these lifts for sale, if interested) to paint the ceiling. These types of equipment tend to be stable and can remove the risk of falling from a height.

2. Use clever lighting
Use glass pedant light to make a gloomy room brighter. Or you can use metal pendant that’s has a lining that’s reflective. The lining will reflect light that could otherwise have been wasted back to the room. Replace bulbs that are dull with bright ones like fluorescent bulbs, that consume less power while giving more light output.
For prized pictures and artefacts, make them conspicuous by having a light that specifically illuminates them. Do this by cleverly positioning a spotlight to shine on them. Also, consider picking up some new lighting for your home, such as Artemide lighting.

3. Use clever mirror tricks
To double up light, position a mirror in a not well lit corner. Place a lamp that’s floor-standing in front of it. It will reflect the lamp’s light and shine it into your room. Large mirrors are advisable as they obscure the possibility of anyone noticing them.
Cut mirrored glass to fit deep windowsills. Line the windowsills with these mirrors to help reflect every wasted light back into your room.
Furniture with mirror surfaces will help light up your room by reflecting back light. Choose coffee tables and cabinets that have such glossy surfaces to enhance this.

4. Manipulate dark and light settings
Everything need not be light for your room to have a bright ambiance. What matters is the contrast that is created. For example, for a shiny floor, create the contrast by using pale furnishings. You can pair cabinets made of dark wood with tops that are lighter. You could also use Shutters on the windows to swap between a light-heavy and dark-heavy ambiance for the room. There are plenty of ways you can play around with light, manipulate it to suit the needs of the setting.

5. Make use of finishing touches
Choose ornaments that have surfaces that are sparkling and light reflecting. Cut glass dishes and crystal bottles should be your favorites. Go for trays that are mirrored and will reflect light instead of absorbing it. For curtains and blind, go for light fabrics. Roman blinds do not allow light through so it’s advisable to choose those that let in daylight.
Choose cushions that look shiny so as to make the atmosphere around your seats bright. Candles also are a great way to liven your room.
Use scented ones and that are made from natural wax.

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