Things To Decide Before Ordering Wholesale Jute Bags 

Paints to decorate jute bags

Jute bags are among the best packaging materials companies can use for their customers. It is a unique fabric that lasts for years when taken care of. Jute bags also come in a wide range of styles and patterns, giving you endless options depending on your needs.

They are also very affordable and eco-friendly; they offer your customers durability and are also multipurpose. 

To buy suitable wholesale jute bags for your business, you should consider the following factors.

1. Size

Jute bags come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Note that the different sizes are for various purposes. For instance, if you have a cosmetics business, the size of packaging bags may be different from those used in retail and grocery stores.

The size you choose will depend on the use. Students can use A4 sizes to carry documents. Grocery stores will need larger bags, whereas cosmetics stores can use A6 sizes.

Before buying wholesale bags, identify your customers’ packaging needs and buy sizes that can comfortably accommodate their items. Note that too large sizes can feel odd when carrying smaller items, and the reverse is true. 

The right size will also save you money, especially when it is unnecessary to pay for bigger sizes.

2. Handle Length

Jute bags come in different handle lengths. Depending on their use, large-sized jute bags can have short handles or long ones. 

If you want to give your customers the flexibility to carry the bag over their shoulder and repurpose it into tote bags, a handle length of not less than 30 cm is recommended. 

On the other hand, shorter handles are best for carrying a lot of shopping in one hand. The length prevents the bag and its content from touching the ground. 

To get the right handle length, consider doing a bit of research on what size makes your customers feel most comfortable. 

3. Quality

When it comes to shopping bags, you want to give your customers good quality and durable packaging. You don’t want to pack items in a shopping bag that will fall apart a few steps from the store. It can cause losses when the contents fall.

Jute bags also have a reputation for reusability; if you end up with poor-quality bags, this will beat their purpose. Quality and durable jute bags can withstand stringent use and be used regularly.

4. Customization

Many businesses are leveraging packaging for marketing their brands. Having a company logo and a tagline printed on the jute bags can create brand awareness and identity. 

Jute bags come in many colors and can be printed. Customization is vital to buying bags that serve your business promotion goals. For instance, you can choose colors that align with your business’s corporate colors.

There are many customization options depending on your business needs.

Choosing the right jute bags will help you meet your packaging needs efficiently and offer your customers the benefits of eco-friendly bags. 

When buying wholesale jute bags, the key factors to consider are the size, customization options, handle length, and durability.

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