The world needs you – Shakuntali Siberia calls on the people around the world.



Everybody is affected by COVID-19 by now. Those who became ill, those who are fighting for others’ lives, those people who lost their jobs, those who are limited by the strong quarantine measures. Those who fell into despair after a new wave of the coronavirus has arrived. But this article is not about how bad things are. This is about how much we can do in this situation as every human being on this Earth now needs help. Shakuntali Siberia encourages you to help our world to recover.

Who is Shakuntali Siberia?

Shakuntali Siberia is the Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, she is a temple priestess. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. The main goal of Shakuntali Siberia’s life is to help people to become more happy and healthy. It is natural that in such a difficult period as we are having now, Shakuntali Siberia tries to do her best to help people in all senses.

Your helping hand is needed.

Even if you are currently locked at home under quarantine, it does not mean you cannot extend your helping hand and get the support too.
This is the very time now to join Shakuntali Siberia’s spiritual family “Field of Love” and thus help others and yourself. As one of the steps to the world’s full recovery, Shakuntali Siberia and “Field of Love” are ready to help financially those who are eager to share their skills with the others who need support now.
What you can concretely do to help:
Translating and writing down different kinds of information, such as contact data;
Transcribing and translating videos into different languages;
Administering forums;
Working with short texts in English, German, French on YouTube
Copywriting and rewriting articles in English, German, French and Spanish;
Searching for the necessary information on freelance job websites;
Video editing.
offer your other skills and talents to help our project.
You can support others, give hope to yourself and – most important – become a part of something great as the mission of “Field of Love” is really astonishing. We unite people all around the world, we give them strength and hope.

New life is coming

We have mentioned the difficult situation that lots of people are facing right now. Just being at home in an unusual life situation adds plenty of stress even if you are lucky enough to escape the virus.
The steps we should take to stay in a positive, calm mood:
Think positively. Remember that the pandemic will surely go down soon, and everything will go back to its normal state. Not at once but it surely will happen.
Find the bright sides of the situation, avoid dark ones. You would probably never find so much time for yourself and your family, had not it been for the quarantine and self-isolation. You have wonderful opportunities for self-development, for rest, for thinking, for spending time with your loved ones.
The situation in the world will not turn for the better if we are spending our time worrying and searching the Internet for the new statistical rates of the coronavirus. But if we turn our face to the sun, if we are beaming with happiness, kindness and support, we can help and even much more than we think.
No borders, no limitations can stop Shakuntali Siberia and her followers from helping people with the healing power of prayer. She conducts webinars, online seminars and constantly replying to your letters. Join our “Field of Love” project, and you will have much returning back on you.   

Find the strength in these turbulent times

Are you constantly worrying about the health and life of your family and yourself?
Does the coronavirus’ news occupy your mind for the whole day?
Are you afraid of your future?
Everything that brought you the joy and happiness before, gives none of it by now?
Shakuntali Siberia wants to help everybody in such a situation of turbulence.
Get the energy from Shakuntali Siberia magic rituals and energy practices, and once you have it – you can send it to other people. Coronavirus’ main threat is splitting people, and we must resist it as much as we can. Visit Shakuntali’s website for a schedule of events, join, and you can save our future.

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