The University of Bristol’s Archaeology and Anthropology Research Programme

The University of Bristol’s Archaeology and Anthropology Research Programme invited the public to be part of a series of consultations at the University’s Free School.

The discussions focussed on the potential archaeological heritage of Bristol and proposals to preserve this heritage in the future. The University has a long history of research into Bristol’s archaeological heritage. As Bristol grew in the 18th and 19th centuries, thousands of archaeological remains were excavated. They revealed that many historic sites had once been thriving communities.

The archaeology carried out since the late 20th century has revealed the emergence of Bristol’s industrial heritage. In 2010, the University published ‘A Geography of Change: The Growth and Nature of Bristol’s Modern Urban History’. This book was launched with the Royal Archaeological Institute, presenting research into the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the changing face of Bristol.

Scientists and other researchers have been exploring the archaeological remains of industrial structures in Bristol since the 1970s, recording and analysing the archaeological remains. The aim is to discover new information on the origins of Bristol’s industries and their impact on the landscape. The data gained from archaeological investigations have led to the development of a virtual model of the City which allows visitors to the site to explore the history of the development of Bristol. In 2014, the University launched its Cultural Landscape of Bristol. This online map details significant archaeological sites around Bristol.

For the last six years, the University has partnered with the Bristol Historical Society to investigate the archaeology of the wider City. In this research, the aims were to document and interpret archaeological sites across the wider Bristol area, to provide opportunities for those interested in the history of the City to engage with and find out more about the City’s history, and to involve the public in the exploration of the archaeology of the wider region. As part of this project, the University and the Bristol Historical Society ran a series of sessions, the first of which was be held at the City Museum on Tuesday 18 April, 2015.

Student Life at the University of Bristol

With more than 50,000 students enrolled at the University of Bristol, the university’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses provide opportunities for experienced and professional teachers from around the world to teach, support and advise students. Student Life at the University of Bristol is committed to creating a welcoming and engaging student experience.

Student accommodation comes in many different types, spreading as far as Clifton for those who seek a much quieter residential type life in a more suburban area.

Student Life offers more than 120 academic and creative courses, a range of well-loved clubs and societies, an exciting sports programme and a wealth of student facilities including four residences, a park, an exclusive study centre and over 100 spaces for events and entertainment.

Eighty students graduate from the University of Bristol each year with the National Diploma of Teaching (NDT) in the subject of their choice and in 2017 a further 10 students will take up the posts of Exeter University Senior Tutor.

The University of Bristol recently announced the appointment of a group of Senior Tutors in the subjects of English and Modern Languages, Social Sciences and Archaeology. In 2017, a further 30 Senior Tutors will be appointed in subjects including Engineering, Physics, English and Classical Studies, Business Studies, Political Sciences and Psychology.

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