The Greater Options For the Perfect Barbershop Choice

If, in order to find a beautiful new hairstyle, you could simply choose a photo in a magazine and say, we want such a haircut. But we know that everything is not so simple. Tips from stylists, how to choose a hairstyle that you will be satisfied with will help you.

Find your master. How to choose a hairstyle that will suit you?

Be sure to find a good master. Conduct a preliminary study: ask around friends about which hairdressers they go to, find a master with a good reputation. If you saw a haircut on someone that delights you, ask who did it. Before you sign up to one or another master, look for information about him on the Internet. Perhaps other customers have left their feedback, which will be useful to you. With the barber shop of your options will be perfect now.

The Minimum Attachment

Don’t get too attached to a photo from a magazine. It is useful to bring a photo of the hairstyle you like into the salon. Typically, stylists better perceive information visually, and it is easier for them to understand what you want by looking at the picture. However, be aware that the idea that inspired you may not be 100% real. It is important to remember that in most cases the hairstyles that you see in the photos in magazines were performed by professional stylists for several hours. Your haircut may end up completely different. Instead of becoming attached to a particular hairstyle, first discuss it with a stylist. Most likely, he will offer you a similar hairstyle, which you will be able to style at home, and the one that best fits your face.

  • Sit up straight in the barber’s chair. If you want to get a good haircut, do not look at the magazine during its execution. Not because you need to follow the work of the master, but because you need to keep your head straight. Also, do not sit with your legs crossed and do not talk on your mobile phone. This upsets the balance of the body, and the haircut can be uneven.

Do not shoot down the stylist

People love to complain about too talkative hairdressers, but overly talkative clients can create an even bigger problem, especially when you need to make a good haircut. Sometimes, if the client asks too many questions about the hairstyle, it can distract the master from the work. You can talk a little, but it is important to let the stylist relax and tune in to work. Too many technical issues can disrupt the rhythm of the haircut. If you are worried about a new hairstyle, it is better to let the master know this before he starts it. When you discuss the hairstyle with the master, make sure that his idea suits you completely.

Achieve accuracy

Representations of the client and the hairdresser about several centimeters can be different. It is best to show what you mean by centimeter. And remember that the master can cut the hair in front with layers, if you want it, and they will be shorter than the total length. When your stylist uses terms that you don’t understand, ask for a picture that illustrates them.

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