The Best Luxury Fashion Blogs of the Year




We all need small joys in life, and sometimes those small joys come at a hefty price. Still, a little luxury never hurt anyone. Now, there is a plethora of blogs dedicated purely to luxury fashion, lifestyle and travel, and we have handpicked those which have been deemed not only the best of the year, but they  can bring some true insight even to the biggest luxury connoisseurs.

Pure decadence

Even dedicated fashionistas who follow the runways and every fashion week and every show almost religiously sometimes miss a thing or two. If you’re not a mere luxury lover, but also want to gain more in-depth knowledge of such high-end brands as Hermes, Chanel, Celine, Louis Vuitton and many, many more, Spotted Fashion will become one of your favourite websites, the one that you’ll certainly be bookmarking. Everything you wish to know about any given bag – as the blog mostly covers luxury bags you will absolutely learn here. The information on prices, quality, full reviews of products as well as how to get them – it’s all here. For a luxury seeker, this is the Holy Grail place, as it contains all the info you need to make an informed decision and purchase. The blog even has a shopping section, so you might even find what you’re looking for right there.

Something for everyone

Photo by Luiz Olmedo on Unsplash

The Luxury Activist blog literally contains something for everyone. There is advice for men on how to dress properly and look like a real-life Don Draper. Then, there are more ‘down to earth’ pieces such as ‘How to wear boots the right way’. Of course, the boots in question are on the luxury side, so you’ll be learning about brands as well as how to pull them off. Naturally, there are even more luxurious articles such as what the best luxury outerwear is, and it doesn’t stop there. Here, like in a real luxury fashion magazine, you can get all the skinny on the runway drama – which designer copied another, for instance. Plus size luxury fashion is also heavily covered, so as promised, this blog really offers something for everyone. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the versatility is what keeps it at the top of the lists.

A rare beauty

We may have started off with more ‘general fashion’ blogs, but a beauty like Bisous Natasha simply cannot be left out. Her fashion choices, her elegance, swag and beauty earned her the right to be not only in fashion articles but magazine covers all over the world. There seems to be nothing this girl can’t pull off. From a snake print coat with a simple tee and distressed jeans, to luxurious slip dresses matched with a pair of vibrant coloured Sketchers, she provides the ultimate lessons on how one should dress and accessorize. She isn’t afraid of mixing things up, and she doesn’t stick to one style.

Instead, she takes and incorporates everything, and then she owns it so well that you could never mistake her for someone who follows fashion trends blindly. If you’re ever stuck in a rut and need a refresher course on how to revamp your style and find you style persona again, this is the girl to watch.

Personal yet impersonal

Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

Gracie Opulanza may have started as a personal blog back in 2011, but it quickly switched gears to become an almost professional fashion magazine. Similarly to the Luxury Activist, this blog provides readers ( although mostly female readers), with highly insightful fashion articles such as 50 Iconic Items That Never Date, How to Rock Mink in the Spirit of Athleisure, and so on. It also provides runway and general fashion coverage, such as the news of Michael Kors merging with Versace. From a personal blog, this platform has certainly developed into what threatens to be a true fashion magazine, so definitely keep it in mind.

Hot child in the city

We finish the list with one of the recently most talked about fashion bloggers – Caro Daur. This lady has been running her German-based blog for many years now, but what made her an instant celeb with 1.3 million Instagram followers and with all eyes on her is the fact that she was hand-picked by Stefano Gabbana to walk at the D&G show during Milan Fashion Week. Looking at her blog, she totally deserves it.

The woman doesn’t only know luxury clothes, but she also mixes and matches the garments and accessories like she’s been a professional stylist for the past hundred years. From deconstructed, to athleisure, and then all the way to pure elegance and even over-the-top statement dressing, it seems like there isn’t anything she can’t pull off. For those who seek not only simple fashion inspiration but a little push towards boldness in their everyday style, Daur is your new muse. Plus, she seems to be friends with all the top designers, so if anyone is getting the skinny on upcoming trends before the public does – it’s her.

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