Striking Design: The Advantage of Pearls as Jewellery

When it comes to choosing the best kind of jewellery, the choices are numerous to the point of being somewhat overwhelming. After all, every precious stone out there, every gem and every metal has its own legitimate reasons for being used as jewellery, and the pearl is no exception. However, unlike many other types of stones, gems and metals, there are certain things about the pearl that often make it stand out. If you were ever on the fence about whether or not to choose pearls as the star of your jewellery box, here are just a few advantages of utilising pearls as jewellery.

Pearls are often considered a mark of purity

While this might come off as superstitious, there’s a very good reason why pearls are held in high regard. However, being the symbol of faith, harmony and love for as long as many can remember has its advantages. For example, pearls from Claudia Bradby Jewellery have an almost uncanny ability of subconsciously harbouring goodwill, and it is definitely a good idea to make use of them when going out to certain events. Even if it seems a little too far-fetched, the way that modern culture views this precious stone is undoubtedly positive, and you’ll be reaping the benefits simply from wearing pearls.

The pearl doesn’t need any kind of refining

Most of the time when you purchase precious stones as jewellery, a good deal of refining has fashioned them into the way that they are presented. However, with a pearl, it’s completely the opposite. More often than not they are used as jewellery exactly as they were when they were found. While this might seem like a small detail to some, it can make all the difference to others. Simply knowing that the pearls you have needed no kind of refining and made it into your hands just as nature intended is a point of pride for many who wear pearls exclusively.

Pearls have more than one colour

When you think of pearls it’s completely understandable to visualise them as pearl-white in colour. However, pearls have been known to come in many different colours – different from other precious stones and gems that are exclusive to a single colour. This means that you’ll be able to come up with more diverse combinations even if you intend to use pearls exclusively as your jewellery of choice. They work equally well as gifts for your friends, making it the gift that just keeps on giving.

Even among the many other different types of precious stones and other materials out there, the pearl is a special case. Harbouring goodwill, having more than a single colour and needing no refining before turning into jewellery, it’s a very special and unique stone. It no doubt deserves a special place in your jewellery box, and as a matter of fact is just as effective on its own alongside being paired with other types of jewellery.



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