Sometimes Gifts Aren’t Meant to Make Practical Sense

I suppose the filtered lives a lot of people are made to live over their social media platforms contribute a lot to things like gift-buying rituals that break the bank, but that’s just one of the causes for it being so complicated trying to get someone something like a birthday present. They perhaps didn’t get there all by themselves, but men are under increasing pressure to conjure up miracles such as taking us on expensive cruises and the likes…

The most creative of guys will eventually run out of ideas if not money trying to literally go to the ends of the world for their special lady.

On the flip side is a little bit of what can perhaps be referred to as under-compensation, if such a thing even exists in concept. What happens is that practicality is presented as the juxtaposition to lavish gift sourcing rituals, where the gift sought seemingly needs to make practical sense.

If the birthday of a loved one is coming up for example, you would endeavour to try and express your love and appreciation for them by observing some areas of their lives in which they might be missing something. This can make for some offensive ground to step on, but besides that it just goes against the essence of gift giving.

Gifts don’t always have to make practical sense and they don’t always have to be lavish either. Something residing somewhere down the middle of the two extremes will do and it is indeed the thought that counts.

That said however, this doesn’t mean that the mere act of buying something, anything, and calling it a gift counts. Some real thought has to be put into it, which is why it’s okay to hand over the gift on a different day to that of the actual special occasion.

And when I talk about the thought that counts I’m talking about scenarios such as how someone might give someone else a guitar as a gift, even if the recipient doesn’t even know the first thing about playing. This could spark them to want to take up guitar lessons, but what it also does is make for a gift that keeps on giving, so to say (in the positive sense).

Think about it…Every time someone who is musically talented and can perhaps play the guitar comes over, they’ll pick it up and play a song or two. This way the guitar owner gets to enjoy a moving experience over and over again, all because of the presence of something like the acoustic guitar they themselves cannot play.

Gifts really don’t have to make sense at all and I’ll let you in on a little secret. As far as it goes with presents for girls, all you really need to do is come with something that’s far out of the norm, no matter how cheap it turns out to be. We’ll find a way to attach some profound meaning to it!

Sorry ladies, the secret is out now, but then again we can all look forward to more meaningful gifts going forward.

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