Sock Your Style to Another Level: Style from the Toes Up is Possible When You Know Where to Shop



Shoes without socks can be squeaky, sweaty, and smelly. Although these problems can still occur even with socks, it’s important to find the right pair which not only complements your style, but also provides extra support and comfort throughout your activities. For the love of toes, here are a few tips when looking for socks real women wear.

Best Socks for Women

According to scientific studies, male and female feet differ in size and shape. Women’s feet are smaller and generally have a narrower heel and a wider ball compared to men’s feet. That means a size 10 women’s shoe will likely have a big ball circumference and a narrower heel than the equivalent size eight men’s shoe. Some brands have incorporated these considerations when engineering socks preferably for women’s feet with gender-lenient features such as arch support, panels with vents and padding on the footbed.

The best women’s socks are made of natural Merino wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. These materials offer maximum moisture management which leaves the feet feeling toasty, comfortable and sweat-free. The natural Merino wool has antibacterial properties that combat odor so you don’t have to worry about the stench lingering in your favorite pair of shoes. When Merino wool is blended with synthetic fibers, the resulting fabric becomes resistant to bagging and sagging. No more experiences of socks bunching, slipping or losing shape easily. In addition, socks made of durable materials can be worn and washed more frequently without wearing out or shrinking. While you may spend a little extra purchasing them, socks of high-quality are guaranteed to last longer.

Criteria for Choosing Socks                 

The outside appearance is something most people tend to notice about your attire. Some styles are meant to add taste to your clothing and get noticed, while other styles of socks are meant to be concealed. The style of your socks should match your shoe and clothing. Shorter socks may be more appealing in the design whereas longer socks are protective. It’s important to consider the type of activities and the shoes to be worn in order to select the right sock style and length

Sock Shopping?

Just like shoes, socks are customized with different structures, designs and blend of materials that support your movement for any occasion. Women are lucky to have varied choices and styles to select from when shopping for clothing. However, sock shopping can be challenging and in most cases, it’s very easy to overlook the intricate details thereby ending with undesirable purchases. If you’re going to enjoy any outdoor or indoor occasion, you need the best socks for women you can find.

If you’re going for a run or plan on being active, you might as well slip on a decent pair of long or ankle length footwear. Athletic shoes might be ideal but they are no good without proper matching socks to withstand the pressure on your feet. Choose a micro-compression pair that comfortably locks in the heel and midfoot areas to allow your toes to move freely and prevent blisters. A fabric made from a blend of Merino wool, spandex, and polypropylene will do well to keep your feet cool with its moisture-whisking fibers. Ensure the socks have cushioning to absorb the impact of the shoes rubbing against your ankle during incline movements.

For yoga and at home sock needs, get socks that form around the ankle and have non slip grips patterned underneath the heel or ball of the foot to provide extra stability while moving around the house or when out for yoga.

Taller socks like crew cut length or knee-high lengths are best suited for hiking, travelling, lazy days or when you need to wear socks under layers. Longer socks work well in protecting the shin and the calf of your leg. The material on a tall pair of boots can rub your skin causing irritation. To avoid this, you’ll want to look for socks that completely cover the area under the material of the boots. The ribbed lining is a functional feature that serves to provide comfort in taller socks. The ribbed material at the top of the socks is flexible and fits the shape of your legs. The material is also breathable and grips well thus solving the problem of bunching socks.

Socks for low-cuts and Flats

When wearing flats or any low cut shoes, you may want something to line your shoes and only cover your toes, heels and footbed. Undercover liner socks will be a good choice for the flexible material and thin microfiber.  The lightweight blended materials allow the feet to breathe and help in moisture absorption. The stretchy material enables the socks to form around your foot, whereas the gripping gel tab on the inside heels of the socks helps to avoid slipping and keeps the little sock in place. They create a no show look meaning only the top of the ankle and foot are exposed and the focus of the onlooker remains on your beautiful shoes.

Socks for a Pair of Heels

When dressing up for a special occasion or professional setting, thin and neutral colored knee high stockings can be perfect with a pair of heels. They tend to look like tights in their sheer and nude appeal and are made of flexible nylon material that flatters your feet and legs. The ribbed band at the top of the socks provides a fitting and secure feel that maintains the position of the sock. Be sure to avoid coming close to objects that may tear the material easily.

It’s important to look at every detail when selecting the sock to wear. The key factors to look for in every pair are comfort and breathability. While most socks are made of a custom blend of materials, each one is created for a different purpose. Some are meant to provide comfort, while others are made to whisk moisture away. Keep an eye on the blend of materials, shape, style and length depending on the activity or occasion you plan to wear them for.

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