Snow Above the Earth – Requiem for the Tunes Unplayed by Nico Cartosio

Nico Cartosio’s Snow Above the Earth – Requiem for the Tunes Unplayed is perhaps the answer to the question of just exactly what kind of music we fellow musicians listen to. Well it’s certainly the type of music I listen to personally – good music.

The intensity of what would otherwise be nothing but a musical experience is aggravated by the act of listening to the song while watching the official music video, which is a work of art in itself.

The audio is available at Spotify and Apple Music and I can guarantee you that if you have a true appreciation for the artistic process that goes into making music this is something you’ll really enjoy for a long time to come yet. I think it’s safe to say that it’s an instant classic.

The mark of some really good music, well at least from my point of view in any case, is music which has me forgetting to listen with my musician’s ear and just enjoy the masterpiece composed by another musician. Usually I’d naturally break the sounds down and be able to say something like “I can hear a violin” or “I can hear a slightly distorted organ and it creates a beautifully unique sound,” but this time around none of that happened…Okay, well you can actually see the instruments which are being played through the video, but I suppose you get the point…

This “real” music is what we fellow musicians listen to when we’re listening for fun and what is some classic “movie” music in this particular track will definitely make for a permanent fixture in my own personal collection.

Try not to drop a tear when you watch the video, or let it drop as you let the full essence of the artistry engulf you.

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