Should I Book Luxury Accommodation for My Summer Getaway?

Many luxury service apartments have a secure entrance, CCTV security systems, common areas for the entrance, stairwells and elevators. The receptionists are aware of the comings and goings of the guests and can identify those who do not belong. They can also warn guests of natural disasters or fires.

I’ve lived in a one-bedroom apartment less than 400 square feet in downtown Chicago. It goes without saying that in the small room I had, it was difficult to stay at home in the summer. Not to mention that I have total FOMO for people who have beautiful backyards and outdoor spaces to spend their summer days. Fortunately, my apartment has a communal roof, which is amazing, but there are social constraints so I can’t use it.

If you choose to live in a city where you enjoy the benefits of a backyard, you can enjoy the benefits of huge and beautiful parks and other communal open spaces, and in a place like Bristol they are fortunate to have a breathtaking waterfront.

Given the space, flexibility and privacy offered to guests staying in a service apartment, it is always a good idea to make the most of it and enjoy a break together. If there is a rainy day during your trip and you feel like using the space at your disposal, the possibilities for family activities in your service apartment are endless. Read on to discover our top tips and suggestions for fun activities on your next family outing. As a family favourite, the games evening is a fun and easy way to bring a bit of variety to the evening.

Serviced Apartments that fall under the luxury accommodation bracket offer Wi-Fi and spacious living spaces, so forget the hassle of buffering and head off for an action-packed night.

It feels good and good for the residents when event ideas are promoted from the community. A rotating supper club is a great idea to bring the food community together. Choose three hosts each month and offer three fantastic meals. Start with an appetiser in one apartment, a main course in another and a dessert in the last. Publish a calendar and sign-ups are wasted.

Food trucks are a great way for roommates to organise parties without catering stress. They are also a great way to introduce new residents to the culture, sights, sounds and tastes of their new home. Locals like the classic pool party have their place, but there’s always room for creativity.

One of the worst things when you’re away from home is the pets you have to leave behind. Staying in a hotel and taking your pets with you is impossible, but a pet-friendly serviced apartment will let your good pets stay overnight. This is especially important for travellers who are coming for a longer period of time or are considering moving with their family.

So if you’re looking for a home away from home, with a luxury twist, you should definitely book luxury accommodation for your summer getaway.

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