Great art and craft ideas for home

The art of cutting, folding, glueing and matching patterns and colour is something that can be mastered by anyone. However, this would require a lot of time investment in a cheery, relaxed and peaceful mood. The end products can add an amazing allure to your home décor better than any shop bought items. Everyone is falling in love with this easy-to-do art and craft items. Check out the below ways to provide an eye pleasing hue to your home. Read more

Working Your Way Through Your Guitar Journey

Learning to play the guitar over an extended timeline is quite a journey. It requires a lot of different steps, and no two people go through it the same way. However, there are always ways to break it down into a number of different pieces, and it’s good to go into your particular pathway by understanding what those pieces are. Read more

Day-to-Night Makeup Routine

Summer is the time of relaxation, parties and not knowing where the day will take you. An afternoon on the beach can easily turn into a summer night out if you just add a few cocktails to the scene. This is why we need to know how to doll ourselves up for the beach so we are never caught unprepared for a spontaneous night out again. You won’t spend countless hours getting ready and you’ll be able to use that time to get a little bit tipsy instead (wink). Read more

How Can A Hair Loss Clinic Improve Your Damaged Hair?

Hair loss can be embarrassing for women and they may want to hide away instead of showing off luscious locks with confidence. When you notice that your hair has become extremely brittle or that it has started to fall out in clumps, the most sensible thing to do will be to book an appointment with a hair loss clinic. Read more

What It Takes to Carve out a Successful Music Career

I’m sure some non-musical consumers of music (those consumers who don’t play any instruments themselves) who love music also feel the same way, but yeah, for those of us who do play one or two instruments ourselves and have a creative relationship with the art of music, there is a certain appreciation you have for music that is just so well produced. This is why you won’t find me watching channels such as Channel O, Trace and MTV Base. I have nothing against the “hustle” of the musicians whose music videos are often featured on those channels and on commercial radio stations, but for the most part it’s nothing but someone reciting lyrics over what are increasingly sounding like generic beats created on the computer. Read more

For Digital Drivers: Cool Travel Gadgets for Modern Motorists

The modern motorist has desires beyond getting from one point to another. Why not drive in style on your way to the next destination? Aside from stock equipment and manufacturer patents, a driver can survey the travel gadget options made available to them. You’re a digital driver now so drive appropriately. Read more

10 Surprise Gift Ideas For Dads On Father’s Day

Image Credit: Pixabay

There are a lot of ideas if you want to surprise your father during that particular day. A Father’s Day is a great day whereby you can take the opportunity to be close to your dad and make him that you love him and you are happy with him being your dad. Fathers also want to feel appreciated, and as such, it is good to ensure they can get something in return. Read more about the best gifting ideas for dads on fathers day. Read more