Why New Year Is The Best Time to Enjoy London

London is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and is always busy, especially in December when everyone wants to visit. But what about January? A trip to London in January has a number of benefits, including the fact that it’s generally quieter so you can get more done.

In this guide you can read about some of the reasons why the new year can be the best time to visit London, including finding bargains in the sales, fewer tourists and easier travel.

Hit the January sales

One of the best things about the new year is the January sales! London is amazing for retail therapy and you’ll have so many options for your shopping trip. You can head to the huge Westfield shopping centres in Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush for all the high street names, or head to famous areas like Oxford Street and Regent Street.

There are so many options on offer, making it easy to find money saving deals on whatever it is you’re after. If you like the madness of the January sales and sniffing out a bargain, London is the place for you!

 The crowds will be smaller

In January there tends to be fewer tourists, so it’s the perfect time if you want a less hectic visit. You’ll find it easier to enjoy major attractions, such as the National Gallery, London Eye and Madame Tussauds, without the crowds. You’ll also find that queuing times will be significantly shorter.

It’s also a great time to wander around and explore, as long as you wrap up warm. Famous places like Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and South Bank won’t be as hectic as in December, so you can experience them at a more leisurely pace. A good tip is to come in the middle of the week ─ London always gets busier at the weekend.



Fountain in Trafalgar Sqaure


Quicker and easier to get around

London is always manic in rush hour, especially on the Underground, and during popular tourist months it’s very busy at all times of day. If you can, avoid rush hour ─ but you’ll find the tube network a lot quieter in January than at other times, especially compared to December.

A lot of Londoners get away in January to recover from the Christmas build-up and to escape the post-holiday blues. This is another reason why getting around London is a little bit easier at this time of year. As long as you pick your times, and are aware that popular central areas will still be busy, you’ll find travel much more manageable. It’s the perfect opportunity to make use of the London Underground and explore all areas of the capital.




Great accommodation offers

January really is a good time of year to visit London. One great way of saving money on your London trip, without scrimping on luxury, is to set up a home exchange with Love Home Swap, home swap expertswho have holiday exchanges on offer all over the world.

If you do fancy visiting the capital in January, it’s well worth researching how you set up a house swap in London for that trip. Once you’ve got that sorted you can look forward to an exciting stay in this amazing city!

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