How Music Soothes The Soul And Changes Lives

Music is an amazing thing and it does many wonderful things for the people that listen to it and for the people that play it. In fact, whether you prefer to listen or to play you are getting awesome benefits from music. It can lift your soul, change your mood, bring back happy and sad memories, and even make you smarter.


When was the last time you listened to some music or picked up an instrument? If it’s been awhile then maybe now is the time to listen to some music to help you speed through your workday, or maybe it’s time to learn a musical instrument and enrich your life.

It Can Help With Addiction

Music can help you with mental illnesses, from depression to addiction. It gives you something else to focus on and takes your mind off the problems in your life or the addiction that calls to you. While simply listening to music can help lift your mood, you should learn to play an instrument as a way to distract from addiction.

It Is Relaxing

Music, listening and playing, is relaxing. It helps with stress relief, helps lower high blood pressure, it can help cheer you up too. While learning an instrument will take a little work, it’s still a good idea to take up this hobby.

Pick an instrument that speaks to you. Maybe you want to play something with a soothing sound, like a harp, or maybe you want to learn something that may be easier to do, like guitar or ukulele. Make it about fun though and understand that it takes some time to learn these things.

It’s A Release

Playing music also allows you to let go of things. If you pick an instrument like the drums, whether it’s hand drums or banging with sticks, it allows you to beat your anger out in a constructive way, making something beautiful with it.

If you are dealing with anger issues, playing the drums is a great way to get rid of that tension and relax. And you can learn an instrument and play it without turning it into anything more than a hobby you enjoy from home. To don’t have to join a band or ever get on stage, unless you want to!

It’ll Make You Smarter

It’s a proven fact that people that know how to play a musical instrument are smarter than other people. You can easily search the statistics online. It doesn’t really matter what instrument you learn to play, just learn one and you’ll expand your knowledge and your learning ability.

Listening to music may still help some with this as well. You’ll develop your vocabulary as you listen to, and sing to, your favorite songs. Don’t recognize a word? Look it up!

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