Meghan Markle’s Signature Style



Many people adore her, and judging by the fact that everything she wears becomes sold out in a matter of minutes speaks volumes about just how much people love her style. The Duchess of Sussex certainly is a royal breath of fresh air, and the Markle effect certainly is real. After all, her acting career and posing for numerous magazine covers and public appearances has taught her a thing or two about style, so this comes as no surprise. The best part though, is that you can easily emulate her style. Even though she’s a royal now, she has already been known to break a style rule or two, and the outfits she wears are something any of us could, for a variety of occasions. So, let’s do a little exploration of some of her best and most achievable style moments, so you too can channel your inner Meghan.

A dress for any occasion

The dress Markle wore to a charitable theater performance was a black wool tuxedo dress by Judith & Charles, featuring a double-breasted “Digital” silhouette with peak lapels and patch pockets. The shocker: no Queen-recommended pantyhose and the length – above the knee. However, looking at just how stunning and classy she looks, we believe that even the Queen would forgive this rule-breaking moment. As for us, a tuxedo dress is still all the rage, which means it will be fairly easy for you to hunt down one that’s at least similar to this one. A pair of classic pumps, a gold clutch and you’re ready for a night on the town, a wedding or any formal or less formal occasion.

Easy breezy

Did we not mention that the Duchess frequently breaks the royal style etiquette? Well, her outfit for the 2018 Commonwealth Youth Forum in London is proof of two things. One is that no one can tell her what to wear as she appeared in a semi-casual, yet stunning white midi dress with black stripes, a classy belt and a black blazer thrown over her shoulders. The second is that the Markle effect is real, as the lovely black and white Oroton bag she wore for the occasion is now known as the Meghan Markle bag. All of the items that resulted in this outfit are highly ‘snaggable’ so you can copy this particular one in what Americans call a New York minute.

Time to shine

During the final leg of their royal tour, the couple decided to step off the plane in full glam. At this point, the baby bump is showing, but this dress is so gorgeous and versatile that whether pregnant or not, you can rock it to any fancy event, or even when you feel like having a red power moment at the office. The embroidery adds to the beauty of the dress, but is not overwhelming. With the right pair of heels and either a clutch or a solid tote, you can look dazzling. The best part though, even though she’s a royal, the dress can be yours for just a mere £380, which might be steep for some, but you have to admit, it’s worth it if it will give you the Markle effect.

Smart and casual

Out of all the looks we’ve seen so far, this one certainly is the most achievable one. Namely, when attending a lunchtime reception hosted by the Prime Minister, Markle found it completely suitable to show up wearing a pair of black jeans, a turtleneck sweater and an oversized white pinstripe blazer. It was high time to break some rules. Needless to say, you probably own all the pieces in your wardrobe already. Now, the additional reason we love Markle is that she doesn’t shy away from repeating accessories, as this outfit also features the now famous Meghan bag. She truly is like us, because hey – we repeat outfits too!

Like Audrey Hepburn

Although she can ruffle feathers with some of her outfits, when needed, the Duchess certainly has the skill to step up her game. Our personal favorite is this Hepburn-looking black midi dress with a boat neckline and long sleeves. Perhaps you won’t find it in a fast fashion store, as it’s custom Dior, but you can definitely go scouting for something similar as this cut is very popular right now. It’s perfectly conservative and classy, yet shows off the body exactly to an extent it’s supposed to for finer occasions. The nude pumps are the perfect choice to add a little twist to the black dress, and the subtle clutch is always an unmistakable choice.

Yes, she knows how to dress it up, and she knows how to dress it down, and we love her for it. She makes us feel like she’s one of us, and now that she’s a royal and still continues to dress like a regular person most of the time, we can feel the royal vibes when copying her style.

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