London’s Best Karaoke Bars

Get to know London’s thriving karaoke bars where you can enjoy endless hours of singing your favourite tunes and belting out in the company of friends and family when you find yourself in the district. Here are a few suggestions where you can rock out to the songs you have been longing to sing, whether from your current playlist or soundtracks from your yesteryears.

Karaoke can be hilarious, especially when you’ve had a few drinks, so check out these bars where you can show off your talents (or lack of!) infront of all your friends.

Lucky Voice Karaoke
Rent a private karaoke room, bring your friends in tow and complete your karaoke experience with a few rounds of beer.  Let the singing begin! Big names have found their way to Lucky Voice Karaoke in the Soho branch; celebrity visitors include Paul McCartney, Prince Harry, Arctic Monkeys and Kate Moss. Each private room has a “thirsty” button that can be pressed anytime to order drinks.

Lucky Voice Islington
The Lucky Voice Islington branch has seven private rooms which can accommodate up to fifteen people each. You do not have to be searching for your favourite songs through a print catalogue anymore, this prime karaoke bar is equipped with touch screen technology carrying thousands of songs, and of course, Lucky Voice’s “thirsty” buttons.

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
Bring in the 1950s style in your singing experience at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. Bring in the retro vibe and go for a full service Bloomsbury Diner. Its karaoke bars take pride in leather sofas, your very own mini bar, large plasma television screens and an impressive song catalogue where you can indulge in retro and indie songs apart from your personal faves. You can also pay a visit to the American Swivel Bar for a quick drink and snack.

Karaoke Box Smithfield
For a more modern take on karaoke, visit Karaoke Box Smithfield’s one of sixteen private karaoke rooms. You can feel like you are performing at your very own concert with its surround sound, leather seating, wireless microphones and thousands of songs for your satisfaction. Enjoy the Japanese themed tempura bar snacks and sake, or buzz for a waiter to take your orders.

Karaoke Box Soho
Make music as loud as you like, and enjoy the fact that there is no one else to listen when you are out of tune. The Karaoke Box’s Soho branch has six private rooms, and you can practice your Japanese songs in two of the rooms, or take Japanese visitors to show off their singing talents too. To add, a tambourine can be requested for some backup, and of course, food and drinks as well.

The Source Below
Created for artists, by artists, The Source Below is a top go-to place for creative like visual artists, playwrights, comics, and of course, musicians. It is one of London’s original karaoke bars and it has grown to host parties of up to 30 people. Indulge in an Italian menu for the food, cocktails of your choice and an impressive song list. The Source Below is great for parties of all ages, including kids’ parties for weekends.

Namco Funscape
Namco Funscape is the ultimate fun haven. After endless hours of fun with the family, you can go bowling, pool, bumper cars, video games and more. Jam with the your fellow performers at the Namoke private karaoke rooms which you can book in advance and get package deals which can include a champagne reception, canapés and celebrity guest hosts.

Show off those singing talents and try out one of London’s Best Karaoke Bars. You will be looking forward to endless hours of song and at the same time get the chance to bond with close people.

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