Laser Whitening vs. Trays: Which is Right for You?

There are plenty of tooth whitening treatments available, but those who are serious about finding a professional option usually come down to laser whitening and bleaching trays. Both can work wonders, but each option comes with its own distinct advantages and drawbacks. To help yourself choose, simply read through the relative advantages of each whitening treatment.

Why Should You Choose Laser Whitening?

Time-efficiency is probably the most attractive benefit of laser whitening. When you wear whitening trays, you need to keep them in for a good few hours at a time over a one or two-week period. Results are gradual, so you won’t see the smile you want until treatment has finished. With laser whitening, you simply see your dentist for a short appointment, and you’ll notice results right away.

There’s no need to worry about getting to sleep with trays in your mouth, and there’s no need to worry about how much or how little whitening gel you need to apply. Better yet, laser whitening minimizes sensitivity. You might still find your teeth on the sensitive side for a couple of hours after treatment, but that’s far better than experiencing sensitivity for weeks at a time.

Why Should You Choose Whitening Trays?

Laser whitening might come with its fair share of advantages, but it’s also very expensive compared to using whitening trays. This is the case even after only one treatment, and trays will continue to reduce your costs as the years go by.

Remember, the main cost comes from manufacturing the trays themselves around your exact oral profile. Those trays can be used for up to around 5 years – until they need to be replaced, you only need to buy more bleaching gel, and the gel itself is cheap. If you want to reduce your expenses and don’t require immediate results, you might be better off with trays.

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