Is it possible to change your life for the better? What are the ways of doing it?



Failures in relationships with men, health problems, troubles at work, misunderstandings with loved ones….. Is it possible to change your life and stop the chapter of accidents? What should you do if things are not going the way you want them to? In this article, Zhannabelle tells how you can change your destiny and make the universe reward you with true happiness.

Our life is closely connected with the laws of karma, which is formed by our actions. When we do good deeds, our karma is light and positive. But when we do bad deeds, it gets polluted and becomes negative. Karma can also be transferred from our lineage for the life mistakes or good deeds of our ancestors. Whatever our karma is, it influences the development of our life directly.

Did you know that negative karma is surrounded by a halo of negative energy, which attracts the entities that bring a black stripe into our lives? In shamanism, they are called evil spirits. They feed on our negative energy. And the more often a woman experiences such emotions (offence, anger, and hurt) or does bad things, the more unfavorable things happen in her life. Illnesses, conflicts, poverty, and loneliness will haunt those of us who constantly translate their negativity.
Spirits are like fish: the more you feed them, the more they come around.
But the positive karma attracts good (light) spirits. It gives its owner happiness, good luck, and sound health. Her life is filled with positive things. People call her “A holiday woman”. Other people feel easy and comfortable next to her. They are charged with good emotions. And they, in turn, want to do good and give joy.

How to spoil karma quickly? 

Zhannabelle says that karma is usually contaminated by our evil deeds. For example, you lied to someone, allowed yourself to get very angry, or yell at someone you were talking to. Or even worse, you betrayed someone, raised your hand to someone, or stole something.
The purity of our karma, however, not always depends only on our actions and thoughts. The situation often becomes worse when we refuse to help others or show indifference. For example, you ran into an old woman with big bags in her hands in a store, but you decided to pretend that you hadn’t noticed her and passed by, even without holding the door for her. Well, don’t be surprised why all your day failed, and you had a headache in the evening too! 

We have this ability to feel the energy of the company we are in. That’s why being among negatively charged people can also affect a person’s karma. If you find yourself in such a company and stay among such people for a while, you won’t even notice how you start to succumb to the negative impact of those around you. But you can resist everything. This is what Zhannabelle teaches at her seminars.

Come and you will have a strong immunity to any existing negativity after a few sessions. Despite your environment, you will be able to avoid it, while giving kindness and joy to others.

Elizabeth, Riga 

“I dreamed of becoming a designer since high school, and I finally got into the world of gloss after studying. Already on the first working day, I realized that it would be difficult. The team had a bad reputation, there was an unhealthy atmosphere, continuous negativity: some were always instigating each other, others were setting up and gossiping. The fact that under such influence I myself became nervous and did not adopt the same manner of communication, I considered my little victory. It is thanks to Zhannabelle. At her seminars, she taught me how to resist it, and I have developed a strong immunity to negative energy. But it was very difficult to work in such an atmosphere, so I decided to fix the situation at work.
And I took action. One day, I brought a cake and offered everybody to have tea together in observance of my new work. Another time, I treated everybody to a delicious cookie. I also made it a rule to praise my colleagues, thanked them for any service, and offered my help, thus becoming an example to others. In the beginning, everyone perceived my behavior with distrust and caution, but I was confidently heading towards my goal. In small steps, I instilled a respect for each other, mutual help, gratitude, and humanity. And so there was progress. People seemed to become kinder—first to me, then to each other. They shared compliments, stopped blaming each other and shifting their responsibilities.

One day, on Zhannabelle’s advice, I suggested to the management that they take part in a charity event for orphaned children – make New Year presents for the little ones. I told my boss that this way we would improve the magazine’s image and rating. Of course, he supported my idea and even gave me money for this.  Taking part in this wonderful campaign, all employees put on T-shirts with the company’s logo and went to the local orphanage. I did not expect how much joy our toys and sweets would bring to the children! But we experienced more emotions ourselves: we all laughed and cried while talking and playing with the children. There are so many people in trouble… It was our common victory, we were happy about our success and very proud of ourselves. It united our team. My colleagues forgot their old grudges, everyone began to communicate as close friends. The gossip and empty conflicts were gone. The negative atmosphere in the office was replaced by a cozy atmosphere I wanted to work in every day. The company’s business went up. Charity is now one of our leading activities. And some of our colleagues got very imbued with it that they themselves showed initiative by helping those in need in hospitals and nursing homes.

Why is it important to work on your karma?

If a person has bad karma and does nothing with it, then their troubles will become worse over time. They will be angry all the time, their self-esteem will begin to fall rapidly, and their health will gradually fade. Nobody will want to communicate with such a poor person, not to mention with them. After all, their talks and actions are always full of negativity, complaints, and lamentations about bad life. But the worst thing is that their family will suffer, and a bad life scenario can be passed on to their children and grandchildren.

However, if at some point we suddenly decide to change, start doing good deeds, then everything gradually gets better. Good luck, wealth, health, and love come to us. We feel that life is beautiful and that we should make it even better. We desire to change this world, and together with it, to change ourselves.
Doing good to others, you will start to notice that the universe seems to bless you and help you in all your endeavors. You will understand what the real inner beauty is and you will subconsciously attract only beautiful people into your life.

How to do good deeds? Where to start? 

Changing your fate for the better and attracting happiness, wealth, love and good luck therein is within the power of absolutely each of us. To do this, follow three important tips.
● Start giving your smile to people around you, supporting your loved ones, being friendly and responsive. When you radiate love and kindness, the world around you responds to the same. 
●Another important rule is to be lavish of pleasant words and make compliments every day to the people you know and those you don’t know. Praise your neighbor for the beautiful lawn that you used to silently admire, wish a good day to the cashier in the store, and compliment your colleague for her new stylish jacket.
● Do good deeds. There is a universal law: something you give with a pure soul returns to you tenfold. It is your love and care that matter, and not the money. For example, a person made a small donation to the animal shelter, and he believes that by doing so he cleansed his karma, paying off the evil deeds he had done. But this is wrong; the law works differently. Only by investing your soul and having real feelings can you really do good. It’s better to come to the same shelter and hand-feed the poor kitten, adopt it, or take custody of the kitten. Believe us, you will experience completely different emotions!
Zhannabelle has devoted her whole life to charity. She often gives money gained from classes and seminars to charity organizations in different countries. Her students often address us in their letters when someone in their city really needs help but they have no money to help. And then Zhannabelle gives the money to support the poor.

Unfortunately, we have no opportunity to take care of and help all those in need by knocking on every door. So we call on you, dear women, to join us. Do good deeds, even if you do not have the financial capacity. You can help by spending very little time and money—just express your care. Believe us, any help made from the heart will be accepted with great gratitude and will return to you in the form of kindness. You can at least help those around you who need it every day. For example, after work, go to the store, buy some sausage, and feed the stray dog, Archie, at the entrance to your house. You can also visit a friend when they are sick, bring them some fruit, and cheer them up with your smile!

You attract positive events and emotions into your life by acting kindly and sincerely. You can give happiness to other people and share your energy. And, seeing their joy, you become happy. This is how you cleanse your karma and change your fate for the better.
One of our students, Kate from the Czech Republic, has suffered from joint disease all her life. And 10 years ago, she lost her loved ones because of the fire, and she remained completely alone. But just after the first seminar, she decided to start her life with a clean sheet. Thanks to Zhannabelle, the woman found herself in charity; she saved the poor homeless with warm clothes and rationing. Coming home, she felt a burst of energy after every good deed. Kate found a lot of like-minded people and made friends. Six months later, her long-lasting illness finally left.
Look around you and you will see that some do not ask for help but really need it. Help those in need, and you will see how things will start to get better in your own life. Do not pass by, do not be indifferent. It is better to take the opportunity to change the world around you and to become better yourself.

It is often difficult for us to face difficulties on our own, and it is so important to be in a circle of understanding people. Zhannabelle’s diagnostics and special practices will help you correct your karma. Visit our seminars too. They create the Field of Love, Understanding, and Friendship, where everyone will feel free and safe. There is an accumulation of a lot of positive energy in our classes, and there is an incredible atmosphere of good and positivity. Zhannabelle cultivates positive emotions, conducts various practices and rituals. The mentor is always in an excellent mood. Even just to be near her, in the same field with her, is already being under the protection of light spirits.
Become a part of the Field of Love at our trainings and retreats!

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