How to Nail a Fuss-Free Beach Look



Sparkling sand under your feet, soft waves caressing your toes, the glorious sun above your head and a perfect sunbath session, what is not there to like about a beach vacation? Bonus points if that perfect destination is somewhere around the absolutely gorgeous Caribbean, and to be more specific, at the picturesque Turks and Caicos or the breath-taking Bahamas. However, what is more of a challenge if you are visiting these treasure troves of a place is perfecting the beach look. Not only is it important that we look our best during the vacations and take awesome photos to show our friends and family the fun time we are having, it is only natural that we invest more time on our looks during the vacations as we hardly get the time to take care of ourselves during the hustle and bustle of routine life.

The most essential part of looking prim and proper is to accumulate knowledge about the weather of the place. Though all beach destinations have a more or less standard climate, they vary during different times of the year.  For example, a vacation to Turks and Caicos during the peak season months of January to April will require you to pack a different wardrobe than your visit to the location at any other time of the year. The only constant thing we should remember, however, irrespective of other varying factors, is the fact that the term fashionable coexists with the world comfort. So, whenever you pack your suitcase for any vacation, anywhere in the world, make sure you carry clothes that would spell comfort of you, since vacations are all about relaxation and down times, and you cannot chill if you are not comfortable enough in your own skin.

However, apart from sunblocks, there are a lot of other must-haves that must be in your backpack for a perfect beach holiday. Let’s find out the ways to nail the perfect beach look.

1. Choosing the perfect swimwear

First things first, the only thing that should definitely be in your suitcase for the perfect beach vacation should be your swimwear. Now, keeping in mind the disclaimer about comfort that we have discussed in depth earlier, the first step to choose a perfect swimwear is to decide whether you will go for two pieces or single piece suits. Though prints are in vogue of late, solids are permanently up there in terms of being all-time classics. And no matter what you wear, remember to wear it with confidence.

Though films and visuals in the other media have been teaching us since our teenage days that you must have the body of a goddess to don a bikini, they are mostly just ideal thoughts of misogynistic men who derive pleasure out of petty tasks such as body shames. You are your own ideal of beauty and when you wear what you want to wear in comfort and confidence, it is bound to look good on you. So, the first step to nail the beach look is to get the perfect swimwear, and by perfect we mean the one you are most comfortable wearing.

2. Pack a Couple of Beautiful Sarongs

The one clothing item that is eternally handy in terms of a beach holiday is a sarong. Easy to drape, pretty to look at and great to take photos of, a sarong is perhaps the only the second most important piece of clothing to pack in after your swimwear. Beach holidays are usually about letting go of your inhibitions and what else portrays of a more uninhibited picture than that of you sauntering in the sand near the sea while your gorgeous sarong blows in the wind? Go for lightweight sarongs since they will be easier to clean and easier to carry. Though you can choose any colour you want to, there is something very appealing about light and pastel shades of Sarong, that look particularly enchanting under the sun.

3. Beach Up Your Accessories

You must have heard the phrase which says when in Rome, do as the Romans. The beach look is not an exception to this rule. You must be wondering about what the connection is. Well, it is so that while you are on the beaches donning a perfect swimwear or a perfect sarong, make sure you accessorise yourself with some local accessories. For example, bead-based jewellery is a rage over all beach destinations and a couple of colourful ones as a bracelet or a neck piece would surely look great along with your beach attire. If you want to perfect the beach look, you must incorporate some beach elements into it and the best way to do it is accessorising yourself up in them.

4.  Get the Best Pair of Shoes

And by best, we again mean, the most comfortable. If you wish, you can pack in a couple of heels for dinners at plush restaurants or pubs, but the theme of a beach holiday should be a pair of comfortable flip-flops or sandals, which goes perfectly well with all your beachwear and is a perfectly comfortable place for you to rest your feet in. There are many stores which actually keep an exclusive beach friendly footwear collection and you can also find them easily over the net. So, don’t neglect your shoes, it might just be the element which is the cherry on top for your perfect beach look.

Remember, in whichever way you dress, your charm lies in the confidence with which you carry yourself, so keep these pointers in mind and look awesome on your next beach holiday.

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