How Do You Choose the Best Wedding Car? 5 Practical Tips

It is common for a couple to choose a wedding car rental service for the day of their wedding, to transport the bride to the ceremony and both the newlyweds post-ceremony. Choosing the perfect wedding car should be a priority – as it is an essential element of the big day.

Choosing a car for the wedding – 5 practical tips

  1. Suitability: The first question that the bride and groom must ask themselves before renting a car for their wedding is what kind of car they will find most appropriate.

The market offers a wide variety of options, but it will depend on the type and style of wedding that will take place, the route that will be travelled, and the date of the wedding.

  1. Practicality: Experienced providers of wedding cars in Cheltenham also advise not to overlook the practicalities: for example, will the bride be able to climb into and out of the vehicle with a mermaid wedding dress that does not allow her to separate her legs?
  2. DIY or full service: Once the type of car you want to rent has been decided, you must also decide whether or not to hire a driver. The price varies significantly between the services with driver and those without. The other difference is that if you do not have a driver, you have to think about who will take care of it.

If the car is going to take the bride and groom to the place where they are staying at the end of the celebration, it must also be a person who does not drink alcohol throughout the wedding.

  1. The extras

There are companies that offer other extras such as decoration, flowers, and even champagne and other cold drinks inside the vehicle. This is more frequent in limousines, although certain modern Bentleys have even a refrigerated space for drinks and glassware to toast inside the car. Which extras would you like included?

  1. Finding the right car at the right price

Once you have chosen the type of car and the service you want, it’s time to get down to work. The Internet offers all kinds of options that go from owners of old cars that rent them for such special occasions to standard car rental companies that also have a specialised wedding service.

The most advisable is to choose a specialist company, especially for the guarantees offered regarding the vehicle and service provided. The rental agreement should be studied very carefully to ensure that in case of an emergency there is a vehicle available to complete the journey on the day of the wedding.

As with any service or product that is related to the wedding, it is best to look at various options, compare prices and services, and do it well in advance to ensure availability.

Fancy something a little out-of-the-ordinary?

Apart from the classic limousines and classic cars typically used for weddings, it’s also possible to find more off-the-wall possibilities, such as vehicles which have featured in movies, or how about a food truck for those who want to give their wedding day a fun touch. And if you love two wheels, how about hiring a classic motorcycle with sidecar for the wedding?

Whatever your wedding day dream is, no matter how crazy it may seem, you will be sure to find something which fits your wedding theme and expresses your own personality on your big day.

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