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Are you ready for more color and less brass? Are you tired of DIY ornaments ripped from Pinterest tutorials? Do your Edison bulbs look like they’re all burned out? If so, it’s time for your home to get out of 2016 and embrace 2017.

Styles come and go, and there is nothing worse than having a house full of fixtures that are no longer in fashion yet are not outdated enough to be retro yet. With 2017 in full flow, here are the trends you can expect to see more and less of from this year onward.

In: Bright colors

Out: Brass

2017 is the year that bright colors made a comeback. Revitalizing living spaces everywhere, bold greens in particular have breathed new life into rooms that were previously dominated by washed-out neutrals.

Brass, on the other hand, reached its zenith last year, so expect to see more mixed metals breaking up the monotony of the 2016 brass revolution.

In: Natural light

Out: Edison bulbs

Let there be light: interior shutters are back to help control the flow of natural light into homes everywhere. That may come as a shock to those who have spent the last few years filling their homes with Edison bulbs. These retro lights are stuck in last year after oversaturating the interior design market.

In: Butterflies

Out: Chevrons

It’s time for a new trend to take flight, and the butterfly has well and truly emerged from whatever cocoon it was hiding in throughout 2016. Top designers have warmly embraced this relic of childhood as a symbol of hope and beauty.

Chevron motifs, on the other hand, have hit the road. Expect to see less and less of the bold pattern in 2017 onward. 

In: Mixed patterns

Out: Sharp edges 

After years of simple and bold patterns being in vogue, this year saw many designers begin to favor patchwork-style patterns. Homely quilt duvets that look like they’ve been passed down through generations are definitely now in style.

Those rustic patterns are a country mile away from the sleek, sharp lines that dominated furniture design last year. Expect to see this trend back off after its 2016 peak.

In: Faux fur

Out: Oversized furniture

Faux fur and faux leather have been the style story of 2017, with many pretend animal products actually surpassing the real thing in popularity over the past 12 months.

Oversized furniture is not enjoying the same fate, however. While a giant couch or prolific pouffe was all the rage in 2016, they seem to have drawn the ire of many prominent furniture designers, with most now seeming to favor more sensibly-sized designs.

In: Textures

Out: Sleek

The fabrics of 2017 are all about folds, grooves and pleats. From couch cushions to wallpaper, textures have well and truly taken the place of the sleek, featureless finishes that dominated until last year but now look flat by comparison.

In: Navy

Out: Indigo

It may seem unfathomable to draw a line between trendy navy and out-of-style indigo. On the surface, the two colors might seem too close to draw a distinction between them. However, that tiny dash of depth is what makes navy look fresh compared to the done-to-death indigo of 12 months ago. On the plus side, updating your indigo feature wall won’t require an awful lot of effort. Simply add a light coat of navy over the top, with no paint stripping required.

In: Bespoke ornaments

Out: DIY ornaments

Thanks to a glut of Pinterest tutorials, the trendy house of 2016 was chocked full of DIY ornaments, from blown glass to mason jar lamps. That has all changed. As a reaction to the DIY madness, 2017’s trendsetters have replaced their Pinterest pieces with bespoke artisanal ornaments.

In: White

Out: Too much white

Used sparingly, white is still very much in style in 2017. Although 2016 and the years leading up to it saw living spaces drenched in white, white, and more white, it’s a neutral color that will never go out of fashion. Don’t abandon the color yet; just tone it back a little.

In: Folding-up items

Out: Brushed metal

From appliances to kitchen islands, 2017 seems to be the year that designers have embraced fold-out furniture. With the constraints on space many people now face from apartment living, it’s a smart mantra to live by.

However, it is not fashionable for folding-out appliances to have a brushed metal finish; that trend belongs squarely in 2016.

Decorating your home with the latest styles does not have to be complicated. By incorporating just a few of these trends, you can easily give your home a fresh and modern feel.

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