Here’s Why Custom Photo Blankets Always Make Great Holiday Gifts



No matter the time of the year, it is a good idea to have a few great gift ideas in the back of your mind. While the holiday season is the most popular time of the year to give presents, birthdays and other occasions happen throughout the year. No matter the reason that you plan on giving a gift,custom photo blankets can make a great option. Discover a handful of the many reasons that your gift recipient will love to get a custom photo blanket and why this is the perfect gift to give.

Capture A Memory Or Memories

Perhaps the best thing about a custom photo blanket is the way that this gift will capture a moment in time or a set of memories. Most photo blankets let you easily include multiple photos in a collage or grid pattern, or you can just choose a single photo. This lets you choose your favorite memory or something that you want to the gift recipient to remember.

If you are giving a photo blanket as a birthday gift, for example, you could include your favorite photo of you and the recipient or a collage of multiple photos. The ability to capture multiple memories instead of being limited to one is particularly advantageous when it comes to creativity. In the case of a wedding, for example, you could make a custom photo blanket that includes photos of the happy couple at various stages in their relationship. Put them in chronological order or arrange them all around an engagement photo and they will be able to treasure their favorite memories whenever they want. You can do a similar thing for nearly any other occasion with a bit of creativity.

Actually Useful

Everyone has gotten a gift at some point in their life that they did not necessarily like. Maybe it was perfume that you hate the scent of or a very specific kitchen gadget you have no use for. While there are plenty of presents that are not useful, a photo blanket has a designated purpose. It will always be there to keep your gift recipient warm, giving them a gift that is actually useful and unique.

Multiple Potential Uses

Not only is a blanket actually useful, but going with a custom photo blanket will give you numerous potential uses. There is the obvious use of bundling up in the blanket to stay warm, either on the couch, a chair, or while in bed. Even if your gift recipient sticks to the designated purpose of the blanket, they will have plenty of places to use it, including their bedroom, their guestroom, their car, their living room, or even at the office if the air conditioning is always on too high.

In addition to its ability to keep the gift recipient warm, a custom photo blanket can easily serve as decoration. Many people use plain throw blankets as simple decorations, but this is even better with a photo blanket. There is the option to use the blanket as pure decoration or in an area where it can be decoration when not in use but then used occasionally. The latter situation would be using it on top of a bedroom comforter or draping it over the back of the couch. For those who want to use it as pure decoration, it can be draped on a table as a temporary tablecloth when the table is not in use or even hung up on the wall like a tapestry.

If you are giving the blanket to a family with kids, the children may love using it to make a pillow and blanket fort, especially if they love the images you pick. Depending on your chosen material, the blanket will work well for a picnic blanket. If you go with a smaller size, your gift recipient can use it to swaddle their baby or as a kid’s blanket.

Great For Numerous Occasions

Amazingly enough, custom photo blankets make the best gifts regardless of the occasion. You just need to adjust the photo or photos you choose slightly depending on the occasion. On a birthday, for example, you could include photos of your friendship with the gift recipient along with a creative photo displaying the date and year.

Photo blankets are also great for the holidays and things like Mother’s Day. After all, most parents and grandparents do not expect extravagant gifts; they want something that is meaningful. A photo blanket could become the pride and joy of their collection, especially if it includes their favorite family photo.

Custom photo blankets also work perfectly for other occasions that typically involve gift giving, such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and anything else you can think of.

In addition to special occasions, custom photo blankets are a great thank you gift. If, for example, someone invites you along to go on their family vacation, you can thank them with a custom photo blanket with an image or two from that vacation.

Or you can get creative and give a photo blanket any time that you feel a gift would be appropriate. The perfect example would be if your friend is moving away. Give them a blanket with a photo of your group of friends or of you two so they will always have memories from their current home in their mind, even when you are far apart.

One Of A Kind Gift – No Repeated Presents!

To continue the advantages of a custom photo blanket, this is a present that is almost guaranteed to be one of a kind. Although it is technically possible that someone else will think to give the recipient a blanket with the same image as you, the chances are incredibly slim. Most people still do not think of this as an option when searching for the right gift and the many customization methods mean that your gift will likely be one-of-a-kind, even if there are hundreds of presents.

Numerous Sizes And Materials

Speaking of the customization options, the possibilities for a photo blanket are limitless. Of course, you have the option of nearly any image (provided it is not protected by copyright). To add to this, you can get a photo blanket in any size. Most places that offer these blankets will have standard sizing, such as throw blankets, twin beds, and queen beds, but you can likely find some other options as well.

From there, you will also get to choose the material of the blanket and the color. Fleece is incredibly common, but you can also find sturdier materials for photo blankets. Choose the material based on the specific purpose you think the blanket will serve. Should it be extra soft or as sturdy as possible? If you opt for a woven material, you may even be able to choose if you want something extra on the edges, such as fringe.

Then, you get to choose the color that works best with your photos. Most of the time, there will be a solid color on the side without the images, but you could likely even get a custom blanket with photos on both sides.

Exactly What You Want

There is no need to worry about whether your custom photo blanket will be exactly what you planned to give the person in question. Because of the customization involved, most reputable providers of these photo blankets will send you some sort of proof or confirmation of the photos and design before going ahead with it. If there are issues with the images you supply, they will let you know so you can make adjustments. These companies understand that you want the blanket to look perfect, and they will have precautions in place to ensure that this is the case.

Recipient Will Regularly Think Of You

When you choose a present, you want something that the gift recipient will appreciate and that will make them think of you. Both of these will be true with a custom photo blanket. We already discussed how this is a very useful present, which should lead to true appreciation instead of a forced thank you.

In terms of thinking of you, it is impossible to forget your best friend or a family member if you use a blanket they gave you every day. Your customization will ensure that the blanket appeals to the gift recipient so they use it regularly or keep it on display. Every time they wrap themselves up in the blanket or use it, they will automatically think of you. You can even include specific memories you want the recipient to remember on the blanket via the photos.

Typically Machine Washable

To top it all off, you do not have to worry about the photos on the custom blanket wearing off or the present being hard to care for. Textiles have come a long way and the methods used today to make custom photo blankets allow for great durability. Most blankets do not even require special cleaning or care to last – your recipient can machine wash the item and enjoy it for a long time.

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