Have You Started Your Halloween Preparations Yet?

While someone might think it’s a tiny bit too early to be preparing for Halloween, if you’re enthusiast like us, you can’t wait to start. Summer heat and pool parties might be behind us, but this only means it’s time for long stripped socks, the smell of spices in the air, and the soft leaves crunching beneath our boots! Our favorite holiday is coming our way, and if you can’t wait for it to arrive, then you can simply start preparing for it right now. For some great tips on how to have your best Halloween yet, read on!

Snacks and candy

Finally, a day of the year that absolutely celebrates candy and those fun things that we otherwise shouldn’t eat much. But hey, you can indulge on Halloween, darlings! It’s time to get creative with food and this can be a lot easier than you think – for example, make tiny pizza bagels, and then use a small knife or a baking mold to make a shape of a ghost or a bat in a slice of cheese. Put the cheese shape over the bagel and you’ve got a spooky pizza! Good for kids and adults both, and really fun to make. Decorate cake pops so they look like little skulls, or try any of these appetizer recipes for more ideas.

If you really want some healthy options you can use mandarins or oranges to make mini faux pumpkins by simply drawing spooky faces on the peel with a regular sharpie. You can also carve out veggies such as bell peppers for even more options.

Spooky cocktails

For adults, a good cocktail is practically half the party. Simple things such as black sugar to line the glasses can be a great way to add a touch of Halloween spook, and you can also use skull-shaped glasses or add food coloring to give drinks a funky green color. Another great tip? Dry ice. You can pop it into a drink and it will give that smoky, creepy effect that’s a pretty great party trick. Here are some great recipes that you can try making for your upcoming party.

The perfect costume

Ah, the heart of it all! Your costume is usually the thing you’re most excited about, and if you’re a little stumped for ideas this year, don’t worry – you don’t have to spend much money to look good. With some makeup, fur ears headband, and some yellow Halloween contact lenses you can easily turn yourself into a werewolf. Ghost, mummy, and bandit costumes are also pretty easy to make, and you can always get creative and disguise yourself into a nerdy version of you, or maybe wear a long black dress, some pearls, and your hair in a sleek updo and say you’re Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Scary decorations

There’s nothing quite as good as a bunch of carved pumpkins with spooky faces placed strategically around the house, but you can also pull a few other tricks to decorate. Ghostly lanterns, witch hats, paper bats hung up on the ceiling, spider garlands, wreaths with sugar skulls, and ghost piñatas are a really nice way to make the place look fun, spooky, and perfect for any party. And don’t worry about your decorations coming off as too “childish” in case you’re making an adult-only party. That’s kind of the whole point of Halloween! You don’t need delicate ornaments or anything similar, especially because this is the one day when you get to indulge your inner child and simply play dress up.

Music to set the atmosphere

Quiet, spooky music can be the perfect background for a Halloween party, and all you really need are some ghost sounds, but you can also pick some of the classics, like “Thriller” from Michael Jackson, or “I Put a Spell on You” from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. If you want to make it even more fun, get the soundtrack from “Nightmare before Christmas” and sing along when you play all of the catchy tunes.

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about Halloween! Get into the spirit of it by dressing up and preparing some fun food and drinks, and enjoy being silly and spooky for one evening.

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