Great art and craft ideas for home

The art of cutting, folding, glueing and matching patterns and colour is something that can be mastered by anyone. However, this would require a lot of time investment in a cheery, relaxed and peaceful mood. The end products can add an amazing allure to your home décor better than any shop bought items. Everyone is falling in love with this easy-to-do art and craft items. Check out the below ways to provide an eye pleasing hue to your home.

  1. Paper lamps with exquisite colour combination: All you need for this simple and elegant craft item is some creativity and patience. Not only is the craft idea economical, but also has the potential to add a new colour to your house if done to match the ambience perfectly.
  2. Decorated cardboard boxes: Anything we buy from the market, comes with a cardboard box which we often throw. But this can be put to effective use by adding a little of your effort; the cardboard boxes can help you make your home look beautiful and refreshing. All you have to do is cover the boxes with floral papers available in summer sale 2017, and make it attractive.
  3. Paper Lamps with beautiful add ons: Paper lanterns and paper lamps add a festive air to almost any occasion. The only requisites are a few sheets of colour paper, scissors, glue and lots of creativity and time. Paper lamps can be very stylish and modern as well. With no bounds to creativity, you can mix and match colours, designs and patterns as per your taste. Add-ons like butterflies and flowers make it all the more attractive.
  4. Wall Art: It’s hard to find a wall art that matches your taste and budget. But what if you can do it on your own by using even a toilet paper rolls? By doing so, we are not only making use of the waste material, but we are saving a lot of money as well. Paper rolls can turn out into cute wall arts. The craft idea is versatile but don’t forget to put on your creative shoes before you start. Take the roll, flatten it, cut it into desired shapes and go on gluing to make adorable wall arts. Check out Summer Sale 2017 for more wall art options.
  5. Add a bit of nature to home: Place some potted plants in beautiful clay pots around the room to add a bit of nature to your house. They not only help in keeping the environment fresh and pure, but they also act as a quick decorating tool as well. Add a bit of art and craft to the pots with your colour palette to make it more exquisite and attractive.
  6. Jars Décor: The mason jars can be used to make a number of home décor items. While mason jars can be used to make candles, it can be decorated to hold pens and stationery as well. You won’t find this idea in a summer sale 2017 for sure! 

So get your kids involved with these art and craft ideas and get ready to see them dive into the world of creativity with ease.

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