Get Your Sunshine Vitamin: Science-Backed Reasons to Spend More Time in the Great Outdoors

In today’s modern society, it’s no secret that we don’t spend as much time outdoors as we did a few decades ago. But a recent study has demonstrated how shocking this statistic has now become, with children all across the world spending less time outside than prisoners. Gone are the days that children loved nothing more than running around outdoors with their friends, and it’s high time we turned this around.

Getting more vitamin D from the sun is certainly not the only benefit of spending more time outdoors. In fact, scientific research has shown a vast array of science-backed reasons of why we should go outdoors more, giving us more incentive than ever to stop watching TV and go for a walk instead. So, if you’re desperate to improve the amount of time you and your kids spend outdoors but are struggling to find the push to do so, here are some scientifically-proven reasons of why being exposed to the great outdoors is best!

Stress relief

Ever heard the phrase ‘just go for a walk’ when you say you’re feeling stressed or anxious? Most people dismiss this idea without realizing that getting outside and experiencing the outdoors is one of the best stress-relievers there is.

Scientific research has shown that the more time we spend outside, the lower our levels of cortisol. And, as cortisol is a hormone often highly present in people who are stressed, lower levels are a sure-fire sign that stress is reduced! So next time you’re feeling a little anxious about something, put down the chocolate and go for a walk instead to gather your thoughts and breathe in the fresh stress-free air!

Better sight

A huge chunk of modern research supports the notion that increased outdoor activity improves vision, especially in children. From playing outdoor sports to simply going for family walks, the more time you and your kids spend outside the more enhanced and clear your vision is likely to become.

But before you start planning your next family getaway, it’s important to have an Android weather app by your side to ensure you don’t get caught in the rain and end up having to deal with complaining kids almost guaranteed to make you stressed!

Enhanced creativity & sharper thinking 

It’s no secret that the great outdoors has much more to offer than simply sitting inside the four walls of your home. From forests to city landscapes to the ocean, the possibilities of what you can experience outdoors are second-to-none and sure to give you and your kids creative inspiration and sharper thinking!

In fact, a recent study of college kids found a much greater ability to remember a series of numbers after a walk in the forest than simply sitting inside, showing an enhanced thinking capacity.

So, next time the weekend comes around and you’ve not made plans, take a trip outdoors somewhere and get ready to reap the benefits!

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