Why you should get a selfie frame for your next party

Do you have a big party coming up and need to entertain your guests? If you’re after something fun and cheap that your party-goers will have a laugh with all night long, why not get in on the selfie frame trend?

You’ve probably already seen the countless photos from your Facebook friends and Instagram followers holding a selfie frame with a variety of funny props. Everyone seems to have a good time with these party pieces. But why is the selfie frame such a fast-rising trend?

Mark a special event

We all want to remember our birthdays, weddings and other social gatherings as a special and personal event in our lives. Since you can choose from a range of designs and then customise your choice, the selfie frame is a bespoke party piece that you can use to put a personal stamp on any life event.

Whether you’re always on social media, so you opt for a Facebook themed frame, or you’re a huge fan of ‘80s music, so you go for that template; the selfie frame can be a truly personal party accessory. With all the pics your guests are sure to take with this party prop, you’ll be checking out photos from your special night for ages after!

Share your party with the world

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are crammed with images of party guests getting snapped with selfie frames and props. That’s because these are usually the first images people upload during or after a party! The selfie was born on social media, so it only makes sense that the selfie frame looks equally incredible on this platform.

Anyone who hosts a party wants their guests to have a great time. Not only that, most of us will want them to shout about it, too! Luckily, the selfie frames’ popularity as a social media image means that your guests quickly share their good times with everyone on their friends list — letting everyone who wasn’t there know what a success it was.

Entertaining at every party

Another thing to love about selfie frames is how they can fit and enhance any event — from weddings to Christenings. For example, at a wedding, you can keep people entertained for ages — which is tricky considering wedding receptions can last several hours — simply by setting up a few frames and a camera in one section of your venue. What’s more, posing for a photo can help bring family members and friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time back together. Or, help break the ice of people in your life that have never met before!

So, not only are selfie frames great for keeping your guests amused, they also take the pressure of you having to constantly check that everyone is mingling!

Cost-effective entertainment

As we mentioned earlier, selfie frames are a budget-friendly option when it comes to entertaining guests. With low online prices and the chance for free customisation and delivery, selfie frames are a great alternative to hiring a singer or DJ. You might also be considering a photo booth for your next party, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that these can cost anything between £200-£400!

If you’re looking to keep the costs down, but don’t want to scrimp on the entertainment factor, selfie frames could offer you a low-cost alternative.


Fun, simple to use and quick to customise and receive in the post, selfie frames are available in a variety of designs to suit individual parties. If you want something quirky to add excitement for your guests, these are fast becoming a must-have item — so check out what’s out there!

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