Gel Nail Polish: Long-lasting manicures that won’t damage your nails


Women make style and fashion choices to please themselves and boost confidence. One practice that has no direct correlation with an attraction to men is painting the nails. Why do women do it? Painting the nails may seem unnecessary to some, but to a certain extent, it can be considered a sign of good grooming. Trends in painting the nails come and go. These days, the most popular choice is to keep nails short and clean. Polish colours usually range from bright reds to muted nudes. Nail art or the addition of various designs and bedazzles became increasingly popular over the last decade. Regardless of how you feel about painted nails, the trend is surely here to stay.

As evidence of the continued demand for nail products, manufacturers have come up with better products that are long-lasting and less damaging to the nails. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than chipping your nails right after a manicure.

One trend that has become increasingly popular is the use of gel nail polish. Gel polish is treated with a UV lamp to harden the varnish. You can get CND Shellac nail gel online if you are interested in trying out this trend.

Some people confuse gel polish with acrylic nails but there is a significant difference. Acrylic nails are made with powder that’s dipped into a solvent. They lengthen the nails or add a strong layer on top of the real nail. Here are other common concerns related to using gel nail polish.

Do your nails need to breathe?

A lot of people are worried about getting gel nail polish because they are afraid it may cause their nails to suffocate. This is a misconception because nails are not live to start with.

Does gel polish weaken the nail bed?

Your cuticles and nail beds are important. The gel polish will not damage the nail bed but the removal process will. That’s why it is important to have gel polish removed at a nail salon.

Do you need to watch the gel polish application and removal process?

While it may be tempting to doze off while your nails are getting done, you have to keep an eye on the nail technician. Make sure that the polish is being removed carefully. Don’t let the nail technician aggressively scrape your nail bed.

Can you remove gel safely at home?

If you want to save time and money by removing gel polish yourself, you have to be extra careful. You must get a gel polish remover which is less harsh than acetone that’s pure. Follow the proper procedure for removing gel polish so that you don’t damage your nail bed.

With gel polish, you are sure to get better value for your money. You don’t have to worry about damaging your manicure by doing light chores around the home such as washing the dishes. Gel polish would normally last for three weeks with no touch-ups required. Aside from this, the vibrant colours of gel polish can truly make your manicure look more sophisticated.



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