A Friend in Need: Dressing Your Male Best Mate for a Date

We’ve all got that mate; the nice guy who can’t dress to save his life. It can be hard to let them know that they just aren’t cutting it when it comes to their clothes, but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind — especially if they’re going on a date.

As you know, first impressions matter. Too many nights down the pub or with the lads may have left them with a wardrobe of laidback, lack-lustre styles. To solve this often tricky predicament, we’ve teamed up with Noose and Monkey to help you dress your mate on his all-important date.

When it comes to a pulling off a smart look, tell him there’s no compromise

Women look for maturity in a man and nothing says it better than a smart shirt with a pair of tailored trousers or jeans. This all sounds well and good, but make sure you know where he’s going on the date. There’s nothing worse than over-dressing or looking over keen, so make sure the balance between effort and style is right for him and the venue.

If your mate wants to take a risk then he could try more modern, experimental patterns such as houndstooth and dogtooth, or suggest even more flare with a check suit jacket. If his date has an open mind, then he’ll surely win her over, but always make sure he tries on more exuberant fashion pieces before he wears them on the big night.

As well as style, your mate should remain comfortable throughout. As important as style is, if he doesn’t look relaxed, it’ll set an awkward tone throughout the night for him and her. Make sure shirts and trousers or jeans aren’t too tight.

No trainers

Trainers are ok with the lads for a kick around or at the pub, but not if he’s trying to impress a girl. You can always judge a man by the shoes he’s wearing, so make sure he’s got a smart pair of brogues or Chelsea boots to really solidify that good impression. If he’s going to wear slim fit blue jeans then he could wear brown brogues; however, if it’s a pair of black jeans, black Chelsea boots of derby shoes would complement this look perfectly.

Accessories aren’t just for women

It’s difficult for any man to wear an accessory, and it can be especially difficult to try to get your mate to do the same. A scarf or a tie clip are perfect additions to an outfit; a nice watch also comes in handy when a man is looking to impress. If it’s an expensive restaurant he’s going to, then a suit jacket with a pocket square is always a great outfit option to help him look the part.

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