Five Things to Do in Nottingham

If you’re hosting your party at Nottingham, you’ve made a wonderful choice. There are a lot of amazing party venues in Nottingham for different events such as weddings, birthday parties, office parties, and many more. For guests who do not belong to the area, you might want to give them some ideas for other activities that they can do while in the town. Here are five fun and interesting things to do while you are in Nottingham:

Visit the City of Caves

The City of Caves (Tigguo Cobauc) is an ancient network of caves located underneath the Nottingham’s busy streets. It was used as dwellings and cellars in the 17th century and as air-raid shelters during World War II. When visiting the City of Caves, you can join a guided tour or do it yourself with an audio tour. Either way, the City of Caves is a great activity for those who have a special interest in history.

Tour the Wollaton Hall and Park

The Wollaton Hall was built by Robert Smythson, an Elizabethan architect, and was later remodelled by Jeffry Wyattville, after a fire that damaged the interiors of the mansion. In 1924, the city of Nottingham bought the Wollaton Hall and turned it into a Natural History Museum. Here, you’ll find the Cassandra Room, named after the Duchess of Chandos, Cassandra Willoughby, who lived in the mansion during the 18th century. You can also take pictures outside the Hall, the exterior of which you might recognise from the Batman movie starring Christian Bale.

Eat and shop around the Old Market Square

The Old Market Square is a historic place in Nottingham. It is easily accessible because it’s a major hub for the city’s transport links, which means that it’s also surrounded by several bars, clubs, shopping centres and restaurants. This will give you a lot to do during the day and even at night.  Here, you can also find farmer’s markets where you can buy fresh local produce. If you want something more laid back, you can visit the Bell Inn near the square, which is a historic pub popular amongst the locals and tourists.

Enjoy a day of activities at the Adrenalin Jungle

For a more adventurous time, you can go to the Adrenalin Jungle and enjoy a bunch of activities with your friends. You can try archery, play paintball and laser tag, join a treasure hunt, or ride a Segway or a 4×4 around the grounds. A trip to the Adrenalin Jungle is best for guests who come in groups because most of the activities require participants to form teams.

Bar hop with friends

To enjoy a night of fun and amusement with your friends, you can go bar hopping in Nottingham. Visit Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem- the oldest inn in England, Factory Lounge – a more modern nightclub/lounge, or Pitcher & Piano – an old church turned into a bar/restaurant. These are some of the many party venues Nottingham has to offer.

Make your guests travel worth it by giving them this list of activities that they can do while in Nottingham.

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