Every Aspect Of Music Can Do Good Things For Your Brain

Music is an amazing thing and if you are living a life without it, you are definitely missing out on something great. Music can relax and motivate, it can inspire and create happiness, and it can even help with memory. Music is amazing on so many levels that not only is listening to music good for your brain but so is learning to play an instrument.

Getting the right vitamins and minerals will help with focus, but so will learning to play a music instrument (it’s a proven fact). You will make yourself smarter, you’ll learn to relate better, and you’ll find a new focus that can help fight everything from depression to anxiety. Here are some of the things you can do with music that will expand your brain power.

Learning An Instrument

When you learn how to play a musical instrument you learn to integrate the stuff you get from your senses, like having better hand-eye coordination. It’s believed that music can be especially useful in brain development and smarts for those that learn music earlier than age seven. Not only will your brain develop better from a young age, and you’ll learn to focus more on your senses at any age, you’ll also be learning a new skill, which is always a good thing.

This is one of the reasons why it is so important to work to keep music in schools. If your local schools are cutting arts and music you need to do what you can to save them. Music will make a huge difference in your child’s career, from kindergarten to college. It’s also well worth the investment to pay for musical lessons for your child (let them pick the instrument so they are more likely to stick with it).

Listening To Music

Listening to music makes your brain work as well. You already know this if a song has ever evoked a past memory, made you laugh, or even made you cry. Music definitely has a way of stirring your emotions.

For some people, music can help you get more focused on the job at hand, while for others it can be distracting (mainly for those that like to sing along). Music is also great for people that have a problem getting to sleep at night or relaxing in general, just pick something slow and maybe instrumental.

Writing Lyrics

Writing song lyrics is kind of similar to writing poetry, you just need to be able to set it to music at some point if it’s really going to be a song. Writing can do good things for your brain in many ways.

It gives you a way to work out thoughts and situations (listen to the lyrics of a song once in awhile and see how it can relate to a person’s life). It helps you process the feelings you’re feeling, good or bad. It also teaches your brain how to better absorb the things you read, and things going on around you as well.

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