Embracing a More Personalised Approach to Life



With the entertainment of topics such as how robots and the automation they bring are coming for all our jobs, it can be very easy to get caught up in all the negativity which inevitably encircles change. It’s just funny how predictors of the future have always been around since human development has been formally documented and yet so many times the loudest of these social commentators seem to get things horribly wrong!

One such prediction which gained a lot of prominence, in addition to automation stealing away human jobs, was that of how the end-user mass-market would be shrunk by a large factor due to the increasing availability of technology that was otherwise the preserve of the big manufacturers producing the goods for end-user consumption. That’s not quite the case though, is it?

I mean, if anything the wider and cheaper availability of technologies such as 3-D printers, professional grade media production/publication gadgets, etc, has ushered in a new era of existence which encourages us to customise our lives more. We’re encouraged to tailor our lives and embrace a more personalised approach, which falls right in line with our original natural instinct of living to express our uniqueness. I mean that’s why you’re encouraged to try and discover your talent(s) as early on in your life as you can, so that you can nurture your unique gift and perhaps contribute to the development of a better world by sharing this gift with the world.

Some areas of interest to look at, in line with embracing a more personalised approach to life, would entail those which are glaringly pointed out by the mass availability of tools and technologies which were previously limited to specific specialist players in the markets they’re deployed in. I’ve already mentioned 3-D printing technology, which affords the average Jane on the street the ability to customise and tailor many of the consumer goods they make use of in their everyday lives.

Fashion – consumer items such as clothing aren’t built to last anymore, which is in large part by design for a couple of reasons. One – they’re meant to be more “consumable” in that you generally want to wear a trending fashion item once or twice and then never be seen wearing it again, and two – they’re meant to be an expression of your own personal style. So, for example, you can create your own t-shirt design and perhaps even go as far as making it a brand and then go and get it printed on a custom-made garment to effectively wear your very own clothing brand.

This personalised approach to living life should perhaps most importantly be practiced when it comes to matters such as your health. For instance, because we’re all genetically predisposed to a set of ailments and advantages as per our genetic makeup, if you’re struggling to lose weight, your tailored approach to it might require you to take up the liposuction Perth has on offer, specifically.

Why Perth (in this specific instance)? It’s just an indication of just how personalised you have to get in order to realise the results you want. The point is it’s different for each and every one of us, and in this particular instance, Perth has some of the best of this kind of service if it is to make up part of the weight loss regime of someone who may have been struggling with conventional methods of losing weight.

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