Eat, Sleep, Work and Play: Top Tech to Help You Win the Game of Life

These days the tempo of life seems to get faster and faster and sometimes it can seem very hard to keep up with everything. But top tech can come to your rescue and help you manage all the facets of your busy life and make it better, faster and easier, too. Here’s a rundown on some apps, tech, and gadgets to help you win the game of life.


These apps will ensure that you make time each day to eat healthy meals, and they’ll even help you make them.

Paprika: This unique recipe manager will help you create grocery lists, make meal plans and organize all your favorite recipes that you collect from anywhere on the web.

Open Table: Whether you’re traveling or in your home town and looking for the best places to eat out, this app will help make it easy for you to pick a good restaurant.

Daily Burn: If you’re trying to trim your waistline, this app will help you count the calories and burn them off with a new workout every day.


Kick insomnia out or your bed. These apps will help you get a restful night’s sleep and to wake up at the right time.

Alarm Clock For Me: This Android alarm clock app will help you drift off to sleep listening to your choice of white noise or your favorite song. It will also wake you gently in the morning playing your personal music.

Mindfulness: Great for beginners and advanced meditators, this app will help you unwind after a day’s work and leave all your stress behind.

Twilight: If you love to read from your tablet or smartphone while in bed, use this screen filter to block to blue light from your device so you will sleep easier.


Stay organized and productive every day while you work with these apps and gadgets.

Hold Force: Don’t get cut off during that important call because your battery dies. This gadget will give you several hours extra power and storage. It’s comprised of a magnetic case system that includes a mini battery.

Basecamp 3: Keep track of client feedback and communications, make sure employees are all on the same page and set up work-related reminders with this app.

Trello: Stay organized by creating boards for each of the projects you’re working on with this great app. Add to-do lists, assign work and comment on items.


When work is done it’s time to kick back and play. These apps will help with that.

Flow Free: Keep your brain active with this mind-bending pipe connecting game. Be warned, it’s not as easy as it first appears.

Bubble Wrap: Take out your frustration and ease your stress by popping bubble wrap. This app is just as much fun as the real thing.

QuizUp: Test your knowledge with these fun quizzes, you can play solo or go for a multi-player.

Download these apps today you make your life easier, healthier and more fun.

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