Dressing For Long-Haul Travel

As the old adage goes, the journey is more important than the destination. When it comes to our wardrobes, however, most of us forget about the journey and just focus on the destination itself. Whether you’re flying high in first-class or sticking it to the man in economy, we’ve rounded up some top tips for looking good and feeling comfortable while you’re travelling long-haul. Your adventure, after all, starts from the minute you leave home!

Footwear Is Key

One of the hardest decisions to make when making a long journey is your choice of footwear – do you opt for ankle boots, ballet pumps, sandals or Converse? If you’re hopping on a plane to reach your destination, a pair of cute, flat pumps are always a good option as you can slip them on and off through security gates without fussy straps or laces, and they’re a comfy option for hard-floor stomping if your destination airport has an unexpectedly long walk to baggage claim.

The Art of Layering

Whether you’re jetting off for a week in the sun, or simply heading off for a three-day city break, travel temperatures have to be given some thought. Travelling from cooler temps to a much sunnier spot? Do some clever layering – pick a sheer cami and throw on a loose-fitting knit over the top. Add a flirty skirt to keep the holiday look cool and casual.

Off to a cooler climate? Silk trousers are always a good choice for ultimate comfort and so-now style. Pair with a simple blouse, and add a blazer for a polished look and extra warmth.

The Ultimate Essential: A Scarf

The perfect scarf is the ultimate travel accessory that you can’t leave your abode without. Opt for a long scarf, as your flight is guaranteed to be blasting the air-conditioning, no matter your paradise destination. Best of all? Your scarf will double up as a blanket to really keep the chill away in transit. Light or thick knit is totally your call – a light option will take up very little room in your luggage, and a thicker knit beats fleecy throws any day of the year.

Accessory Editing

Keep your accessories minimal to avoid a frustrated meltdown while stood in the airport queue rummaging for your passport. Trust us, those bangles will start to annoy you with every jingly-jangly move you make! Going light and uber-minimalist with accessories, however, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. A statement necklace is still a great option – just choose a lightweight, go-with-everything style for ultimate versatility and comfort.

A headband is another great choice for keeping your tresses out of your eyes and adding a few extra style points with minimal effort. We love silk scarves for a summery, vintage vibe.

What are your top tips for looking good while travelling long-haul? Let us know in the comments below!

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