Do You Often Find Your Earphones Falling out When Running? Here Are 3 Ways to Fix the Problem

In some respects, there’s no better exercise than running. Whether you go to the gym, or you run around your local area or even run in huge events like marathons or Iron Man series, running is a full body workout that can keep you fit and healthy.

However, running is nothing without being able to listen to your music. It can get so boring, so uninspiring, and so unmotivational if you haven’t got your favorite tunes playing to keep the pace. Even with headphones, a common problem is having them fall out over and over again.

Gah, so many problems when you’re just trying to keep fit. Today, we’re going to explore three key ways you can stop your headphones falling out your ears when you run, helping you maximize the effectiveness of your workouts. 

#1 – Hang Your Cords

When you put your headphones, the typical method is to have the cord hanging down directly underneath your ear. However, this is the easiest way for the cord and the cheap earbud headphones to fall out, and you’ll constantly be putting them back in.

Instead, put your headphones in and then loop the cord over your ear once. This creates a sturdy hook where, in most cases, you’ll stop your headphones falling out while you run. 

#2 – Use the Right Size Attachments

With every set of good headphones you get, you should receive a little plastic packet with other attachments to put on your headphones. These are interchangeable, and they should be different sizes which you can easily pop on and off.

This will give you the ability to find the attachment that are the perfect sizes for your ears, helping them fit nice and snuggly in while you’re running, preventing them from popping out uncontrollably.

In some cases, you may even get bits of plastic which connect to the headphones which are designed to hang over your ear. Keep this in mind when looking through the attachments you receive with your headphones. 

#3 – Consider Wireless Headphones

If the main problem you have is the cable your headphones are using which is pulling your headphones out while your pocket and your music device moves, it may be worth thinking about getting yourself a pair of wireless headphones.

Of course, this can be a lot more expensive than your typical headphones, but it’s worth keeping an eye open for a good deal, or it may be an essential piece of equipment if you run regularly. With wireless headphones, you’ll need to bear in mind the tips above, but you should reduce the amount of tug you’re getting from your wires. 


There are plenty of ways you can reduce the risk of your headphones popping out mid-run. The most important thing to remember is to get headphones which are designed for running and are the right size for your ear. This should eliminate most of the problems, and if you’re still witnessing it, you can then use some of the tips above.

Happy running!

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