Do I need to use Versalifts?

Heel lift inserts add versatility to any training shoe, making them more versatile than ever before. With the right shoe, you can be ready to run, climb, and do much more.

Create a smooth, flat heel to increase energy return on every stride, which is ideal for long distance running and climbing.

To improve efficiency, enhance muscle activation, and strengthen the feet, strengthen the tendons and muscles around your toes, heels, and arches.

Heel lifts like Versalifts and straps can also help you increase your strength and stability during a difficult workout, or you can wear them as a natural supportive device.

Improve Running and Climbing Performance

There is no faster way to improve your running performance than to have a sturdy shoe that makes it easy to build strong ankles, feet, and knees. And you can do all that while you are working on climbing, running on hills, and achieving longer, stronger climbs.

You will be able to be the best climber and runner you ever have been, with a lightweight, comfortable shoe that supports and protects your ankles, feet, and legs.

Best of all, it won’t slow you down at the end of a workout.

Use Lacing Enhancers to Transform Your Sneakers

Adequate traction is especially important when running on uneven surfaces or when climbing hills or descending trails. Make sure that the bottom of your running shoe feels solid under the top of your feet.

You can do that by lacing with one strap across the top of your foot, so that you can have a more solid platform. And then add an extra strap from your ankle to your heel, or add another strap from your foot to your heel, and then connect both to one lacing attachment.

You will see improvements in your speed, balance, and body position as well as distance and climbing performance. The best way to find the best lacing inserts for your shoes is to use a quick and easy heel lift comparison tool to choose the best lacing inserts for the shoe you are currently using.

Improve Strength, Dexterity, and Balance

Getting strong, fast, and flexible is the goal of any workout. As you build strength and improve your balance, you can train more efficiently with your footwear.

Both runners and climbers can be extremely effective when they are fit, strong, and flexible. And you will do all of that with the right shoe.

Just like your athletic shoe, versalifts will help you improve balance by adding stability. By using straps to improve your strength and coordination, you can learn to work with your body’s strengths more efficiently.

Optimise Your Workouts

Heel lifts also make it easier to climb with a stable, non-impact stance, and strengthen the muscles in your feet and ankles. This will help you improve speed, efficiency, and power.

Adequate foot strength is also important to both climbing and running. By strengthening your ankles and feet, you will be able to go the distance on every run, climb, or climb with increased stability and coordination.