For Digital Drivers: Cool Travel Gadgets for Modern Motorists

The modern motorist has desires beyond getting from one point to another. Why not drive in style on your way to the next destination? Aside from stock equipment and manufacturer patents, a driver can survey the travel gadget options made available to them. You’re a digital driver now so drive appropriately.

Smartphone Mount

It’s unsafe and illegal to handle your phone while driving. However, it’s fine to harness its convenience as long as it’s within arm’s reach. That’s where a range of smartphone mounts come to the rescue. Be sure to find a mount that can handle the weight and dimensions of your phone, has accessories that work with your dashboard, and won’t leave a gooey gel substance behind.

Jump Starter Kit

Such a product is like purchasing insurance. It’s just another cost until you need it. Then, it’s the best investment you’ve ever made. You could rely on another driver coming by and assisting you if you need a jumpstart. Or, you could be prepared at any time with a portable jump kit. Which scenario is preferable?

GPS Tracker

Nervous about letting your teen drive a new Adrian Brien Hyundai? This is a great product and service for worried parents or those who want an added layer of recovery if their car should be taken. The tracker alerts parents and car owners of a vehicle’s destination. You can also set up a ‘geofence,’ receiving alerts when the car is driven outside of a specified zone.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Even the biggest mirrors have them. Blind spots are small enough to escape immediate attention but are known to cause scares at best and accidents at worst. It’s a major relief to know all the angles are covered by your blind spot mirror. Just plop the smaller mirror on top of your existing one and you instantly have a luxury car feature.

Tire Monitor System

Know real-time information about your tire temperature and pressure. Tires are a major investment but proper pressure influences other components in addition to safety and driving. For a modest investment, you’ll know whenever a tire is compromised or if it needs air.

Cutter and Breaker

For boy and girl scouts out there who can never be too prepared, this seat belt cutter and car window breaker gives you the tools you’ll need in an emergency. Having such a tool could mean the difference between life and death in extreme situations where drivers and passengers are trapped and need to get out fast.

Head’s Up Display

A number of accidents are caused due to averted eyes. Drivers take eyes off the road to change the radio station, search for maps, or handle their smartphone. However, all of those things can be controlled while keeping one’s eyes on the road with a head’s up display device. The Navdy is a bit pricey but offers military-grade intelligence for your private driving pleasure (and safety). Enjoy hands-on driving while never missing an opportunity to change music, take calls, and find alternate routes.

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