Day-to-Night Makeup Routine

Summer is the time of relaxation, parties and not knowing where the day will take you. An afternoon on the beach can easily turn into a summer night out if you just add a few cocktails to the scene. This is why we need to know how to doll ourselves up for the beach so we are never caught unprepared for a spontaneous night out again. You won’t spend countless hours getting ready and you’ll be able to use that time to get a little bit tipsy instead (wink).

Clean it up

Everyone knows that if you want your makeup to look good, you need to have a clean canvas. Or at least one that seems clean. This is why you need to take your blotting papers and erase all the damage your face suffered while at the beach: grease, sweat, sand etc. You also need to pay special attention to your T-zone because that’s where all that extra shine builds up. If your eye makeup is smeared, wipe it away and add a touch of concealer if needed.


If you want a sultry night look, enhance your eyes by using a darker shade of your daytime eyeshadow. Add it to your upper creases and then use it around the outside corners and under bottom lashes as well. Brands like Ofra offer all the possible variations and combinations of eyeshadows that suit all eye and skin colors – it is our warm recommendation for these summer months. After applying the eyeshadow, apply some eyeliner over your top lash line. If you want a more expressive look, opt for a liquid eyeliner. When it comes to mascara, if you already have it on, don’t add more. New mascara on top of the old one will result in clumps, which is not attractive at all.


Even though you might have needed some blush during daytime, you won’t be needing it during night time. Since you’ve already spent a whole day under the sun, your blood is probably doing its job of giving you a nice, soft, rosy complexion. If you, on the other hand, feel like you should put on some blush, make sure you don’t put too much more than before.

When it comes to sparkle, this is a totally opposite story. Daytime is when we stay away from shimmer and highlighter, while nighttime is the time to sparkle. Use a shimmery powder to highlight your forehead, cheekbones, neck and chin. If you are wearing a strappy blouse which shows your shoulders, apply some on your collarbones and cleavage area.


Similar to the eyes, when it comes to lip color, apply one that is a few shades darker than your natural lips. And even though we avoid lip glosses during the day because they can melt away in seconds, during nighttime they are actually desirable. Top your lipstick (or your lip stain – which is the ultimate hit this summer) with a high-shine lip gloss which will make them really pop.

However, you have to be careful. Since you already went a little heavier on the eyes, make sure you don’t overdo your lips. If you are a fan of strong bright or dark lip colors, then we suggest you go a little easier on the eyes by putting less eye shadow. If you highlight both of them, you are more likely to look like a circus clown than a hot young chick ready to take over the club. Hair

After you are done with your makeup, show some love to your hair as well. Use some dry shampoo which will absorb all the oils that have accumulated in there during the day and just shake it around a little bit for a cool surfer girl summer hairstyle. Have fun!

Do you have some more ideas? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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