What are masonic ties and why are they important?

For thousands of years ties have been used by people as a way of showing involvement within a workforce, team, club or organisation and Masonic ties are no different – ties have been a vital part of Masonic regalia for many years.

Freemasons are known to dress smartly, almost all lodges expect members to wear Masonic ties to meetings and formal occasions throughout the year. Masonic ties date back to the early nineteen-hundreds; Freemasons wore black ties to lodge meetings as a mark of respect for those that lost their lives in the Great War. Black ties became closely associated with Freemasonry.

However, by 2002 hundreds of thousands of Masons across England and Wales decided it was time for more colourful and distinctive ties to be introduced. Due to the traditional nature of the black tie, not all Freemasons approved the idea of changing the regalia – the black tie holds great significance. Nowadays, tie designs tend to vary between lodges.

Masonic ties as Festival merchandise

Masonic provinces organise fundraising initiatives known as a Festival. Festival appeals usually last around 5 years and aim to raise funds for charities through a range of events. Supporting a Festival can be demonstrated by purchasing traditional Masonic merchandise – this is often in the form of customised Masonic ties.

Masonic ties are one of the pieces of regalia used by members of the brotherhood to help create a unifying link of traditions. Dress code is particularly important when it comes to Freemasonry; this is to show that members are equal regardless of their background. Masonic ties hold historical significance within Freemasonry; they are an important item of regalia and a great way of showing support. Ties are a way of differentiating your lodge from others whilst continuing a tradition that is hundreds of years old. So, why not consider masonic ties for your lodge?

What are the different options when it comes to finding organic bags?

If you’re a retail store that has decided to take a step away from plastic bags, congratulations, you are half-way towards providing your customers with a way to carry their products in an environmentally safe manner.

However, there is still a decision to be made on the type of bag you buy. Here is our comprehensive guide on the different types of organic bags are available and which one is best for your store’s needs.

  1. Organic cotton bags

Cotton bags are by far the most popular organic bag on the market with more than half of shoppers now opting from them over plastic ones. This demand means there are plenty of different cotton bags to choose from and for many, they are the organic bag of choice.

We recommend going for this organic bag if you plan on printing an intricate design on it, the close-knit fibres make it the best option if you want to get your branding out there.

  • Organic jute bags

Jute is a popular material that is produced throughout many countries in South-East Asia including India, Bangladesh and Nepal. The thick fibres give this organic bag much more of a rugged natural appeal than a cotton or canvas alternative.

Jute bags are strong, and if you are selling a heavy product that requires a lot of support when carrying we recommend this organic bag as it provides the most protection.

  • Organic canvas bags

Canvas bags are popular in large due to their versatility. This is organic bag is made from either cotton or linen which is then formed with polyvinyl chloride. The conservative use of plastic in this type of bag adds to its strength without using too many non-organic materials. This organic bag is a great all-rounder, which is why we recommend it if you provide a diverse range of products.

Find the best manufacturer for your organic bags 

Whichever bag you go for unless you find the right supplier you will not be met with good service. To deal with this, make sure you consult with your organic bag supplier and ensure you fully understand their manufacturing methods and are happy with any concept designs you have discussed with them.

The top 5 benefits of serviced apartments

Whether travelling for business, leisure, alone, or with your family, a serviced apartment can be an ideal choice for travellers looking for an alternative option to a hotel or a B&B.

We’ve outlined some of the benefits of staying in serviced apartments below to help make your choice a little easier.

Location, Location Location!

Serviced apartments are usually located in central locations, making them the ideal choice for a city stay. 

Their central locations mean they offer a good location for shopping, dining, and exploring, as well as being close to a lot of transport links and business quarters for any work base travelling.

Freedom and Flexibility

In a serviced apartment, you are free to come and go as you wish and to make your own schedule. Breakfast can be when you choose, and you don’t need to worry about waking anybody up when you come back in of an evening.  

The availability of the facilities in the apartment mean you can cook your own meals when it suits you, work whenever you need to work, and even entertain in the living spaces at your leisure.

Serviced apartments aren’t just for couples or lone travellers. They can work well for families too, thanks to many luxury serviced apartment companies offering studio flats right the way to family sized apartments for larger groups.


Serviced apartments aren’t cramped rooms in a block of flats, there are an array of stunning apartment options to choose from which are decorated with high-quality furnishings and come complete with entertainment options and are fully equipped for your stay no matter how long.


A serviced apartment gives you the room to relax, work, sleep, and have fun all in one space. However, they can give you around 30% more space than an equivalent standard of hotel.  A typical one-bedroom service apartment is around twice the size of the average hotel room.


By their very nature, serviced apartments are private, self-contained accommodation which allow you to instantly make yourself right at home.  As well as offering all the privacy you could wish for, you will find that they’re complete with 24-hour CCTV, secure entry and often around the clock security staff to make your stay extra safe.

Serviced apartment stays give you the home from home experience with all of the benefits of a central hotel. So next time you’re booking some time away, consider booking a luxury serviced apartment.

4 activities to get you out of the rain in your boutique serviced apartment this autumn

One of the big mistakes that holidaymakers make when they are booking their trip is not matching the accommodation to the type of vacation that they are taking. There is no point booking a luxury serviced apartment if you are going to be spending the majority of your time exploring.  However, with the rainy season firmly upon us here are 4 good indoor activities to get you out of the rain if you have booked a boutique serviced apartment.

  1. Board Games

Try not to fall into the trap of being glued to your smart devices when you are staying in a boutique serviced apartment. Board games are a great way to engage with the rest of the family whilst also having fun. Some of our favourites include Cluedo, Risk and the classic Monopoly.

2. A Movie Marathon with a difference

Movies can be great but they can also be slightly unsocial in a boutique serviced apartment. We recommend watching a movie whilst coming up with some actions to perform. These can include saying phrases when certain characters are on-screen or performing certain actions when a character says something.

3. A night of fabulous food

If you are staying in a serviced apartment in a foreign country one of the ways you can experiment with foreign foods whilst saving money is hitting up the local supermarket and cooking up something yourself. You can get the whole family involved and tailor a meal to suit your specific tastes.

4. Balloon Badminton

Indoor ball supports can be a recipe for disaster, particularly if you are staying in a boutique serviced apartment. One of the ways that you can take the danger out of it is through using a balloon. You can play a range of activities from Badminton to football and even volleyball. All will keep the family entertained and out of the rain.

Get a boutique serviced apartment that has enough room for your family

Whilst we have given you a fantastic range of activities to keep the family entertained you will need to book a serviced apartment that has enough room for your needs.

The Beech House boutique serviced apartments are great examples of accommodation that offers both an intimate feel with enough room for activities. 

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