The Best Way To Get Perfect Nails – Every Time

Do you envy those women who always have perfect nails? They look so stylish and put-together – perfect nails enhance your look just like a perfect haircut or glowing skin. If you think you can’t be one of those people with nails everyone envies, think again. Whether you love a natural look or a bold polish, you don’t need to spend endless dollars or time on your nails. Here are some simple tips for getting the nails you want, with minimal effort or expense.

Keep Your Nails Clean

Just as you pay attention to cleansing your face every day, pay attention to your nails too. Clean under your nails even if you are wearing polish as this will give your nails the optimum conditions for growth and strength. You don’t need special cleansers, just a nail brush and soap and water.

Try Press On Nails

If you have literally no time to give your nails some love, invest in a good set of press on nails. In just a few minutes you have can have Perfect Nails. They are easy to apply and look natural. These are not your Grandma’s press on nails. Todays press on nails come in different shapes and sizes. They taper at the cuticle to give you a more natural look and feel. You really won’t believe youre wearing artificial nails.

Use a Top Coat

If you are doing your own mani then make sure you apply a top coat so that the nails keep a shiny look and you also protect your polish. And if you are not wearing polish or press ons, a brief sweep of a top coat makes the nails instantly look shinier and more stylish.

Take Care With Filing

Always file your nails in one direction only. If you go back and forth you risk breaking the nails and you damage the tips.

Never Bite Your Nails

This is an obvious one but you need to stop biting your nails if you want to have healthy nails and nails that look good.

Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a great thing to use to give your nails an added boost – you don’t need to use a specialist cuticle oil since a simple jojoba oil or chia seed oil is just as good. Cuticle oil moisturizes the entire nail and makes it stronger over time.

Take Care of Your Cuticles

As well as using cuticle oil, avoid picking at the cuticles or cutting them. This could damage the whole nail and you also risk infection. Gently push back the cuticles so that they provide the perfect base for press ons or polish, and they will never start to overgrow the nail base.

Perfect Nails

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