The benefits of private education

Everyone is worried about the right education for their kids. The most common question asked by the Parents is—what type of education is beneficial for their children?

“Nelson Mandela said Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Right and proper education add many benefits to the individual with a positive impact in their lives. An educated person is a talent to the nation.  But what type of education should be provided? When looking for superior learning, excellent faculty—Private schools are often chosen over Public schools. Akeley Wood School distinguishes them in a variety of ways, School is well known for its—personalized, specific, proper counseling, and disciplinary measures.

Is private school right for your child?

Learn about the unique benefits of private education—

Academic Excellence- To cope with the rapidity with which knowledge itself changes, today’s student must seek to achieve academic excellence. Private schools enjoy standing for academic excellence in many groups. They have better examination test scores, improved systems of learning, development of intellectual capabilities, and skills in service to humanity.

Small class size– Private school assigns on an average about ten students to each teacher. In a smaller class, each student gets noticed, achieve better grades, learning is enhanced, thus guaranteeing the individual attention to each child. With smaller class sizes, tutors can get to know each student as an individual, working with them to improve their weaknesses and enhance their strengths.

Emphasis on Discipline- Private Schools offer a more consistent approach to students than any other schools. “As per The Condition of Education 2001, National Center for Education Statistics, ‘At private schools, a greater percentage of children had parents who were very satisfied with order and discipline than with the school or teachers in 1999. Private schools often have honor codes and stricter behavioral standards that help students develop into mature adults.

Engagement in extra-curricular activitiesAs per the popular adage: “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” explains the prominence of extra-curricular activities. While studying in a Private Schools Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities—from music, sports, drama to personal development and community service programs. It will be beneficial in – building the skills of your child, open your child’s mind to new interests, help them learn child management and prioritizing, and builds their self-esteem.

Best-Faculty- Private Schools are very selective who they are placing as their teachers. Parents need not worry about their children. Schools choose educators with proper training. The teachers are highly qualified and give their best to shape the student’s life and career in the finest possible way. Akeley Wood School believes in a saying “One book, one pen, one teacher can change the world!

So, when looking to shape the kids character, future and caliber. There should be no second thought on why to choose Private School for your kids. Enroll today, and shape the future of upcoming generation !!

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