Ways To Save Money On Travel

Most people see travel as a high priority in their lives.  Being able to step away from your day to day life and responsibilities and relax away from home is a wonderful chance to unwind.  It’s no secret that travel doesn’t come cheap, however.

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8 Tips for Planning for a Perfect Horse Themed Party

If you grew up loving horses, then you understand how important horse themes can be in whatever you are doing. Events such as birthday parties or any other occasions can be made more exciting if you have the things you love around you. Maybe you have kids who keep asking you for a horse party or maybe you are planning to organize one for yourself, you need to know about different aspects to consider. There are numerous ways you can plan the perfect horse themed party. These are: Read more

The Good Old Pen and Paper: 7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Always Carry a Notebook with You

Anyone who has made heavy use of technology over the last couple of decades has probably experienced that moment when they were either forced by circumstance or invited by nostalgia to pick up a pen and write something on a pad of paper. Perhaps they were taking notes, or they were writing down a phone number or performing some other kind of mundane task. In every situation, they all probably had the same feeling when they completed their work. Read more

Support Our Troops: 10 Things Veterans Wish You Knew About Life After Serving

It feels good to have our troops back after serving the country. The family and friends feel happy that their loved one is finally home, safe. But the life after may not be a smooth one for most of the veterans. They need your support in different ways. However, some of the things that we do or say trying to show our support may end up hurting them in one way or another. Below is a list of 10 things that the veterans wish you knew about life after serving. Please read on. Read more

The Best Luxury Fashion Blogs of the Year


We all need small joys in life, and sometimes those small joys come at a hefty price. Still, a little luxury never hurt anyone. Now, there is a plethora of blogs dedicated purely to luxury fashion, lifestyle and travel, and we have handpicked those which have been deemed not only the best of the year, but they  can bring some true insight even to the biggest luxury connoisseurs. Read more

4 Tips For Putting Together An Outfit Quickly

Sometimes your alarm goes off, and you realize you’ve been pressing snooze for hours and only have a few minutes to get ready.  Whether you’re going to work or have another occasion to go to, ideally you’d like to look your best. You never know who you can run into.  And while appearances aren’t everything, they can affect your mood and how you feel about yourself for the day.

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