Accessories That Really Rock

Accessories are the finishing touch that can turn an outfit from a day at the office to a night on the town or makes an old dress fresh and exciting. When shopping for accessories you want to think of things that you can work with a lot of different combinations. We often think of jewelry, bags and shoes, but there can be many more ways to make a statement with an outfit. Here are some of the classics, and some modern trends, to keep you looking great, no matter what you wear.


What girl doesn’t love diamonds? There’s a huge range available, from big statement pieces, to simple, elegant stones. There’s something to suit everyone. Earrings are a great way to really show off a diamond. They can be instantly noticeable, and offer you a wide range of different options to go with any outfit or hairstyle. Bracelets and necklaces are other classic options. For something more modern, why not go for a diamond naval ring. Look no further than ascot diamonds for some truly beautiful pieces.

Phone Cases

Since mobile phones are more widely used than twenty years ago, you can always use a different case for different occasions. Now we use them more and more, even when out and about; your phone doesn’t just sit in your bag, it spends time on show. This makes it a great option when it comes to showing your personality, without having to make any big changes. Phone cases and covers can be colored, patterned, artistic, silly, anything you can imagine. With so many available, and some inexpensive ones, you could have one for every outfit or social event.


Bags are the ultimate accessory, coming in all different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Designer or high-street stores offer you excellent options when it comes to style. Backpacks are really on trend this year, offering you massive practicality while remaining very cool.


Shoes are obviously a necessity. But we love them. We’ve always loved them. The average woman has twenty pairs of shoes. Really, once you’ve got the staples such as boots, sandals, black and cream, you can have fun with the rest.


Glasses add an air of sophistication to any look. They are no longer just about eyesight. Many designers now offer a range of glasses, and even opticians’ own brands have come a long way in terms of fashion.


A good scarf not only keeps you warm, it looks great. Scarves and snoods have different ways of being worn, allowing you to wear the same scarf in a variety of different ways. Shops now stock them all year round, in different materials, colors and designs. It’s an easy way to keep an outfit looking fresh and new.

With so many options available, it’s easy to have fun and totally change your style from day to day. Fashion is meant to be fun, and accessories are a great way to really find your style, without changing your whole wardrobe.

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