About Me

About Me

I’m Kayley, a girl the right side of 30 who loves music (I’ve been playing the guitar since I was 11)

I set the blog up to share my positive thoughts, music, experiences and just as a bit of a side hobby to give me something to do when I’m not at work or making music. I work in a well known high street clothes shop, and try and make my music when I’m not in the shop.

Here’s a pic of my current set-up that I use to record my tracks on – I’m still learning how to do this so bear with me before the YouTube channel is set up.

How to get in touch with me

If you want to contact the site for any reason – visit the contact page and fill out the form and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I work 9-530 (UK time) most days, so it’s likely to be the evening before you get a reply.

Follow me on instagram

I’ve got no followers (literally zero at the time of writing), so feel free to follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kayleyturner88/

Latest gig reviews

“Ana was awesome, great acoustic tunes and some fantastic covers. I can’t wait to see her play live again!”

Roberto Lopez

“Such a good gig, loved the covers and she had some really good original tunes of her own”

Maria Anna