5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Mood

It’s natural for humans to have moods that fluctuate.  From time to time we may be feeling a little blue or even angry.  Although it’s important to allow yourself to feel whatever feelings you have, it’s even more important to know when to move on and be positive.  Being positive and kind is the best possible state of mind not only for your own happiness but for encouraging the same with others around you.

If you’re ever feeling less than happy, try these tricks to perk up your mood and spread the love.

Put On an Outfit That Makes You Feel Fabulous

Sometimes it’s all about making yourself feel good from the outside in.  Feeling confident about yourself physically will give you a little extra pep in your step and change the way you interact with others.

Putting on an out it is that makes you feel beautiful can be anything.  Whether it’s putting on a piece of jewelry, a dress, or even just a pair of pajamas.  It’s all about how you feel.

Listen to Uplifting Music

Putting on a song which makes you feel happy is a great way to instantly transport yourself to a positive state of mind. Music which brings out the positive side of you can completely transform your mood.

If you’re at home play it loud on your speakers and dance around your house!  If you don’t have the option of putting on music wherever you are, plug in some headphones and feel your mood instantly lifted.

Calling or Spending Time With Someone That You Love

Reaching out to someone who makes you feel happy and loved will often lift your spirits almost immediately.  Even if you may be feeling antisocial, forcing yourself to reach out to someone will rarely make you feel worse.

Usually, once you’re on the phone or hanging out with someone you start to feel immediately comforted even if you thought you wouldn’t.

Get Your Heartrate Up

Giving yourself a boost of endorphins is often just what the doctor ordered.  When you get your heart rate up by going for a run or even dancing, you will be surprised to find that you aren’t focusing on the things which were making you feel down.

Some people swear by the power of exercise so much that they can’t start their day without getting in some exercise.  Otherwise, they don’t feel as happy and uplifted.

Watch Something Funny

Turning on a video or movie which makes you laugh will change your mood right away.  It can be anything from a few minutes long to a full-fledged film.

It’s pretty hard to feel sad or angry when you’re cracking up.

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