5 Things to Do Before You Bring a Dog Home

Dogs are probably the world’s favorite type of pet, and it’s not surprising considering how loyal and loving they can be. They can be great fun to have around the house and make wonderful companions when you’re feeling lonely and need a friend. It’s for all these reasons and more why people choose to make a dog a permanent addition to their families. While this can be one of the best decisions you have ever made, it’s also important to make sure you’re prepared to welcome your new best friend into your home. Here are a few things you will need to do in preparation.

1.   Talk to Your Kids

If you do have children at home, they will probably be delighted to hear that they are going to get a dog. However, it’s important to make sure they understand how to behave around your new pet to avoid any unfortunate incidents that could harm both your children and your new dog. Although dogs are playful, if they do begin to feel aggravated there is a good chance that they might lash out to make their feelings known. Teach your children when enough is enough, and how they can be respectful of their new dog’s boundaries so they can all stay happy and safe.

2.   Research Dog Training

This is a particularly important thing to do if you’re bringing home a puppy rather than an adult dog. It will be your responsibility to teach them how to live properly in your household, so you must set boundaries as well as learn a few tricks on how to discipline your puppy properly and safely. If you’re struggling to do this yourself, consider hiring a professional dog trainer to help.

3.   Find a Vet

If you want to make sure your dog stays fit and healthy, finding a good vet is essential. Things to look out for when searching for a vet clinic to register with include cleanliness, location, what treatments they offer, and what is covered by insurance, as well as their prices. Vets can be expensive, so if you’re concerned over the cost of potential vet bills, look for more affordable clinics like easyvet.com so you can feel at ease about your finances.

4.   Get Accessories and Food

To make sure your dog is happy and comfortable at home, get them plenty of toys to play with and keep them entertained. You should also look at purchasing them a dog bed for when they need to sleep, as well as getting a lead, collar, and shampoos to help keep them clean (especially after a muddy walk!). Make sure you have also stocked up on plenty of quality dog food so you have something for them to eat when they arrive.

5.   Dog-proof Your House

Finally, make sure that your living environment is safe for them to be in. Get rid of any clutter that they might chew on or swallow that could make them ill. Keep all dangerous chemicals locked away somewhere they can’t reach, and if you want to keep them out of certain areas of the house, look at getting child-gates to put in the doorways or at the bottom of the stairs.

Bringing a dog home is such an exciting experience, just make sure you’re ready for them by completing these five steps before they arrive.

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