5 Great Flavors That Really Rock: Vaping and Loving It

The many e-cigarette flavors available are essentially a yin and yang, as they are both a source of consternation for vaping critics and a source of pleasure for vapors.

Some voices insist that flavored e-cigarettes are a gateway drug that encourage youth smoking. But the evidence is rather shaky, because this particular study began with an extremely small sample size. Moreover, the entire issue may be largely moot, because youth vaping rates have declined precipitously over the last few years, indicating that the fad may be yesterday’s news.

On the other hand, there are over 7,000 flavors available today, and as many as 250 more appear each month. Furthermore, statistics indicate that the average vaper is 40 years old and that the gateway-drug argument may not be much more than demagoguery.

So, take some time to enjoy some of these great vaping e-liquid UK flavors.


This choice is very popular, in part because many government agencies have banned or restricted menthol cigarette sales, so many vapers have been missing this flavor for a long time.

In addition to being a nostalgic favorite, the chemical replication of that mint/tobacco flavor are very basic and easy to work with, so the flavor is extremely authentic.


Almost everyone likes chocolate, right? But almost no one likes the calories, right? Now, there’s a way you can have the flavor without the calories.

Much like menthol, this flavor is very easy to create in the laboratory, so it’s very authentic and rich. There are lots of subtle variations available as well, like chocolate-covered cherry, fudge brownie, chocolate malt, and many others.


Here’s another basic, easy-to-copy flavor that’s also widely available. It’s also ideal for those who think that the regular e-cigarette tobacco flavor is just a bit strong and they want something sweet to take the edge off.

Vanilla e-liquid is usually available in various strengths, making it great for mixing and matching with other e-cigarette flavors.


Especially when combined with some tobacco-flavored e-liquid, this flavor has a lot of nostalgic value, because for many people, coffee and cigarettes were essentially one of the four food groups.

Much like chocolate, there are also many different associated flavors available, including espresso, mocha, hazelnut, and others.


Although it’s usually a good idea to steer clear of the really exotic flavor combinations because they sometimes have chemical aftertastes, there are exceptions, and this is one of them.

Much like the mint/tobacco combination, the tangy/sweet combination is always a hit. Plus, each drag gives you that island vacation vibe that makes these flavored e-cigarettes ideal for office break times.

There are tons of other great flavors available as well, and given their negligible cost, it’s easy to experiment and find the flavor, or flavor combination, that most appeals to you.

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